A Sticky Night of Love

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This is an animutation (or fanimutation, if you're inclined to differentiate between the two set to Iceman's "Shining Collection," an insanely fast Japanese song. It features Gendo Ikari (from Evangelion) and about a jillion other pop-culture icons and weird things... everything from Abraham Lincoln to a motorcycle that looks like a fish. Just watch it now, and bask in the glorious seizure it'll probably induce.

Oh, and, despite the title, there is little obscene contained herein. Sorry.


Freaking awesome

This has been, and will most likely remain, one of my most favorite flashes of all time. Just freaking amazing HOW MUCH STUFF is going on on the screen at any time. And yes, I actually did go through and look at every single frame. WALRUS HENTAI?! XD Freaking great. *thumbs up*

Holy crap!! OMFG

Monty python would love you! I love you!! Truly bizzare, outstandingly wierd!! Absolutly awsome!!

Animutations forever!

This is among the most creative animutations I have ever watched, or really any other kind of thing I have ever watched. I think watching this may in fact have been the first time I ever heard of "Neon Genesis Evangelion". I now realize that I love these animations for being truly unique and I could just spend the entire day reading stuff on the submilinal advertisements. Some at the beginning said, "You Love This" in large letters and "Tuesdays Not Withstanding" on the lower left hand screen. The ones that fill the whole page at first say, "Next Time on 'The Cheese Grater and You'": Hobo maintenance that you can perform in your own room". Pause the screen to find out the other ones.

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hot dog we have a weiner

omg, that was the best thing ive ever saw make more or my life will have no meaning and ill have to send $30 to get "the book of chiu" just one question, whats the name of that song

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Good god that fabulous

Whoa man way to go, that was one of the best animutations I've seen to date, the amount of images in that way astronomical. A true masterpeice. However you did steal my idea for the subliminal messages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, when I finally get around to getting flash and making my own I was gonna use an idea Identical to that. Oh well.

Once again nice work, minus 10 minus minus 20 out of plus 400 minus 395 plus 5

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4.49 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2004
5:33 PM EST
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