A Sticky Night of Love

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This is an animutation (or fanimutation, if you're inclined to differentiate between the two set to Iceman's "Shining Collection," an insanely fast Japanese song. It features Gendo Ikari (from Evangelion) and about a jillion other pop-culture icons and weird things... everything from Abraham Lincoln to a motorcycle that looks like a fish. Just watch it now, and bask in the glorious seizure it'll probably induce.

Oh, and, despite the title, there is little obscene contained herein. Sorry.


what da friggen hell was that,oh well.MILLER TIME!

the people that were included in this thing was friggen funny, especially the dude in the glasses who chopped off bill clintons head with a fuckin machete. NICE

Really good.

I loved it, and believe it or not, i actually read all of those messages that u put near the end. D00d, i actually wet myself a little bit, and now im gettin a rash. I dont mind tellin u all that cuz i dont kno u, and u dont kno me, and we most likely never will. The truth is i absolutely love randomness lolz. ^^

Confusing, but good.

Very creative, especailly the way you came up with english words that slightly sounds like the original Japanese lyrics. Very smart!

great job

i love this please make something like this again really really soon i loved this so much


Lol, is ALL I gotta say.

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4.49 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2004
5:33 PM EST
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