Alice vs. The Tweedles

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This is all based on American McGee's Alice. An awesome game. I sorta took what the Cat says to do and made a little (really little) joke about it, then finished the scene like it did in the game. If the lip-sync doesn't work, I apologize. It works fine on mine. It isn't perfect to begin with. Oh, and the reason Alice is looking at that door near the end is because the Hatter is standing above it on a ledge. I took some creative liberties. Enjoy!
NOTE1: If this gives you the desire to play the game, you can find it at Wal-Mart for $10, bundled with Clive Barker's Undying.
NOTE2: Everything is taken from the game. All credit for audio goes to EA and their voice actors.


everything straight from the game

good game...bad flash...the was hardly any movement at all and the pictures you just drew from the game too...the sound was just out of the game...so that wasnt any creativity on your part...

Blatant ripoff

100% of your audio was ripped directly from the game. Leaving only the credit of mouth animation to you.

0 Creativity = 0 Score

MarcusRaven responds:

Well, I feel honored to recieve your first crappy review. Thanks!


Well, the animations were very unique the intro with the 2 giant characters was funny, and voice acting went along well, the alice character voice was very well done, and the evil theme was very artistic, this was more of a poem animated into flash, also it was a nice idea to have Alice and the other characters reanimated into this twisted art style

The music was very professional, and the voice acting and lip syncs were nice, backrounds were well done, and had a nice twisted art fuction to them

overall a neat flash with an art style, and some unique characters

needs to improve...

Well, obviously you need to work in the graphics. Why did you made the text appear so fast anyway?

MarcusRaven responds:

It was fast? I could go in and shade the graphics. I'll probably do that eventually. But, the text wasn't fast at all. Unless you mean the part at the end. Just the end screen, not meant to be flashy.

That kiked ass!!!!!!!

That game is fucking awsome! yer movies Ownes 2.

MarcusRaven responds:


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3.42 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2004
6:32 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place March 24, 2004