Alice vs. The Tweedles

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This is all based on American McGee's Alice. An awesome game. I sorta took what the Cat says to do and made a little (really little) joke about it, then finished the scene like it did in the game. If the lip-sync doesn't work, I apologize. It works fine on mine. It isn't perfect to begin with. Oh, and the reason Alice is looking at that door near the end is because the Hatter is standing above it on a ledge. I took some creative liberties. Enjoy!
NOTE1: If this gives you the desire to play the game, you can find it at Wal-Mart for $10, bundled with Clive Barker's Undying.
NOTE2: Everything is taken from the game. All credit for audio goes to EA and their voice actors.


Ah memories

As for the retro idea of the game.....gives me some nice memories...a pity the game didn't become very famous....it's quite well scripted and very demented....who doesn't love the idea of going through the inner psyche of a suicidal girl?

AS for the cartoon however...it lacks a bit...such as the lackluster animation reusing the same mouth movements over and over and simply dubbing it in...and the lack of innovation with the weapons...a knife wasn't the best choice for those boys...the cards were I believe.


I've heard of the game, but never actually played it myself. But after seeing this, it makes me want to play the game. It looks like a darker version of the classic Alice in Wonderland story. And those Tweedle brothers aren't so friendly either. Nice how you had that cat appear and disappear like that. I've never seen a flash movie about this game, so I consider that to be quite original. Good job at this.

that was great

finaly some great animation but some probloms the part were the tweedles die isent that good but it is good the voice needs some imporvement and the plot i didint understand.


yeah whatever the other guy said just in less words Good work and good job.. yeah sorry im not writting as much but it take to much work well ciao

A premise unfulfilled

This flash had several high points (primarily the idea surrounding it (I LOVED American Mcgee's "Alice"...so delightfully sick and twisted :) )).
But when all is said and done this is a very lackluster flash.

Graphics: It seemed very dicotemous. There was fairly rudimentary animation and character design(especially the Tweedle twins), yet the Cheshire Cat was beautiful (nice fade in/out as well). The "lip-sync" wasn't really lip sync at all (you have got to have more than the two frame "open mouth/close mouth" action to really call it lip sync). The backgrounds were above average.
Sound: Not bad. The voices were clear and the music was similar enough to the original game to set the correct mood. The tweedles' voices started to get on my nerves towards the end of their little "speech". But hey they died so I'm happy :).
Plot: Nice scenario re-enactment from the game (just played through it myself). I have a few quick recommendations: actually SHOW the hatter above the door (don't simply mention the mistake in the "author's note", just fix it! You're obviously skilled enough to do so). Also, give us a better picture of the floor giving way' below her (if I hadn't played the game I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten it).

And for those of you who HAVEN'T played, let me explain: this whole world (characters and all) are in her subconscience (hence the abstract talking from the hatter ^-^).

Overall its good, but it could be a lot better. Not bad.


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Mar 23, 2004
6:32 PM EST
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