Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 2

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This episode marks 2 of 3 in the Dr. Shroud "La Maudite" series.


pretty cool

the graphics were proffesional looking, but the movement was a little off. the story is a bit confusing but i didn't see the one before this so thats probably why. the sound was off in a few places but overall this was a nice quality flash.

nice graphics but speech left a lot to be desired

The main protagonist (guy in the suit) is not altogether very interesting, there is not enough of his background made clear, and i can barely recall what happened in the first so presumably there wasn't much discussion of his history then either. The water scene was, indeed, very tense and got things off to a great start. The voice of the main guy needs to be more emotive, when the vampires threatened to replace the head of his daughter with the one in the jar he didn't sound like he cared much, at all. Certain soundbites were overused, the creepy laugh of the medusa thing, and the laugh of the vampire bad guy were repeated. The taser effect did look really dumb, but apart from that graphically it was a huge success. The villain sounds suitably diabolical but the female vampire is also a bit rubbish in the voice acting 'stakes', sorry couldn't resist myself. Plot seems suitably hackneyed and cheesy to be similar to a horror comic, an effect i'm almost certain you were aiming for. An all-round pretty polished effort, good luck with part three

Nice Work

I really like how these are going.. I espcially liked the Texas Chainsaw Massacre homage you threw in there.. I don't know how many people will pick that up but its nice.. Keep it up!


Make his suit black and red, PLEASE!!!!!

Very good

This was extremly good. Your graphics are great, your sound is great (and matches the mouths, that's always a plus :p) and the storyline is quite good. My only complaints, if you can call them that, are the electric shock that was administered to keep him quite looked a bit too much like scribbles, but that did not take away from the movie, and the diabolical laughter I thought should have been louder, or mroe diabolical. It seemed either not diabolical enough or not loud enough, it threw me a bit.
Anyway, job well done!

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3.86 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2004
3:26 PM EST
  • Daily Feature March 23, 2004
  • Weekly 5th Place March 24, 2004