When The Darkness Ends...

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Ok as Promised,the full 2 chapters of this film,I am really sorry about the file size but it's chapters 1 and 2 put together,I really worked hard on this film for the past 3 weeks..also I am considering in making a series out of these type of films,but different storylines,if you would like that please say so!^_^ if you would like to contact me I am on AIM 24/7 at Hallowedhalls101..



just let me point out the good things about this flash
1. the blur effects were awesome
2. la la la la la la ... la la la i love the suspiria theme song
3. a good story

anyways i hope you do great on the sequel

When the Darkness Ends...Do you find a light?

Okay, nice. I could hardly understand it, but still good. Although I got some of it by the end.

The graphics are you know. Average. Smooth and good but no higher than that. It still seemed like the person who did the graphics, didn't know how to make blood flow. And what was the green stuff coming from the undead that was stabbed in the head?

The sound is okay. Good saddening music to give it that misterious and dark feel. I didn't hear any sound effects for the killing and stuff though.

All in all, and I'm not going to lie, it was average. As for the beginning, could you reduce the text amount please? I found my self reading more than watching flash.


Well done! Godd text& audio effects through the beginning of the story, well done! I think after using that to introduce the movie you need to stop bringing up text bars and just carry on with a story for higher results. Well done though.


Too much text...not enough animation, but the effects were done nicely. You should at least have a narrator reading the text.

Not bad

From an artistic standpoint that was a very well done submission and very much enjoyable. The blur effect was interesting and the plotline was nice. The animation was fairly good and the music was beautiful. The silent film feel of it was a bit thrown off by the long captions and the lack of real movement between captions. If you must, leave some of the plot to be figured out by the viewers, as opposed to losing viewers by boring them. In short, less details, more action. Not a bad movie all in all.

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3.45 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2004
11:57 PM EST
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