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FFVI: A New Hero

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This is a story that was "untold" and took place before Final Fantasy 6 started (before Terra's mission). I put in a character I made known as "Richard Sights" who will appear in this small series. I'm trying to make this more of my better series' and I thought this episode was pretty good.

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pretty good flash

this is a realy good flash, its no were near as good as your final fantasy warfare series but still good.

Not bad

This flash is interesting so far i enjoy the ff games and this one has my attention so far... though i haven't watched the next episodes yet... good job though

Kewl! ^^

Lol I know you, you're the one who helped T00kB00k with his Series, anyways, good job, it was pretty fun to look, although it wasnt long enough =( Lol, anyways, good luck with your other movies if you're making some! ^.^ (I know I'm late, but I don't care, and you got a bonus review, so we're all happy! ^^)

HAcoreRD responds:

well toot and I are far from friends now. I didn't really help him much anyways.

Pretty good.

Storyline seems alright so far,but what is up with the huge energy light ball if they said the merchent was too weak for the army he sure didn't look it right there lol i'm gonna go see part 2 now. :)

HAcoreRD responds:

Well, the Imperials have no 'mage division'. Hence why Kefka and Celes were generals, only ones capable of casting. Sights is from Tharmasha, so he's a blue mage. The orb was a spell, they (imperials) saw him as another common merchant.

not to bad

i liked the movie a bit.... but i hate reading takes up to much tiemi but good work lol

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2004
7:11 PM EST