Bandit Kings

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This is a simple and fast-loading game from ETGAMES.COM

The 2 Kings steal to fill their castles with gold! Attack caravans and watch for falling bags of gold, and above all make sure your rival King doesn't fill his Castle before you do! If you like this game, check out www.etgames.com, where you upload your high score, and play tons of other fun games and do lots of other fun crap.


Needs 1-player mode

I like the idea of this game but the thing is how often am I going to have a friend around and go and play this with them. It just seems to have a very limited demand, well as far as I'm concerned anyway. Definatly needs a 1-player mode. As it stands though the game is unplayable for me, unless I control both players myself which would be stupid.

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dude ive beatin this game like 30 times lol

ya i dont really like haste but the rest is g.o.o.d XD

Not bad... but it needs a bot

I like it, but the way that player one on the screen is on the left, and P1 controls are on the right, and the reverse for P2, it's weird. The only other thing is that it could use a bot to play against, b/c I never go to newgrounds to play a game w/ friends. Nevertheless, great graphics, good interface, nice game.

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good game

i my self only go to this site wen its shity out side and me and my bois aint got shit to do so a multiplayer game is realy a good idea keep up tha good work make more maybe a three player game or sumtin aight later

theres a word for this

boring the shit out of all who play it until you go insane. Why make a two player game that takes so long to win? Seriously, most of the people on this site have no friends or their all in their buddy list on halo 2.

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3.30 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2004
11:22 PM EST
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