Cool Things 099

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I am not sure.


Good work

I noticed that you gave zero to several flash movies that were at the absolute worst 5. I thought at first that you must be a really good animator, but now I see that you are just a jealous, pimply little bitch. This flash could not have been more random, which is alright if it has some redeeming qualities. This steaming pile of feces had no redeeming qualities; the animations appeared to be drawn by a ten year old blind boy with a fine motor skills disorder, and the sounds...well, I can't even describe how miserable they were. I made flipbooks in grade school that were better animated and had better sound. So, in short, either learn to grade other peoples work as you would your own and stop being sutch an insufferable little middle school bitch, or do the world a favor and drown yourself in a toilet.

psychojester responds:

im not pimply.

French Fries Cause Cancer!

That one had me laughing out loud!

Overal, this movie has its moments, ... just like Terry Gilliams'.

Keep up the good work!

And today's dumbass is:

None other than Vote 5 with his completely random thought processes.

psychojester responds:

btw my SN is PsychoJester

((( HA )))

OK well that was just silly, but was the file size really needed for one of thease random flash works, kinda funny though...


psychojester responds:

yes. yes it was.

oh and YOU SUCK


Not "too" good,you need to work a little bit more at the animation,make it a little better next time,put more work into ti!


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1.94 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2004
2:36 PM EST
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