DJ Super Mario World

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I created this music, it's a mix of techno and dj beats. I added the mario part to go along with it!


Mario just got 1 sprite and 1 animation all the time, the music is getting weird after like 20 seconds, wario got weird squares all over his body. Not good!!


Good work... the sprites thing got boring after a while. Great music choice though.... therfore a 10 on that one

Work on the action a bit..... make it less repetitive... and you got yourself a 10 across the board.

good music but really bad video

but good job anyway... i dont like to blam people so... 3 :)

It Was Decent...

I have seen better mario flashes. This one is ok but it lacked alot of the good humor that is in others and the sound effects. Give it some time and maybe make another one like this one and you should have no problem in getting a better score. I still think this flash was good, and that it had alot of good quality. Good luck in the future.


looks like this Freekstyler is this Darkies bitch lmfao, that didn't rock, that was one of the gayest things ive ever seen, this guy can't do flash for shit, I checked out your other entry, i mean cmon, your using NG to promote your website? you should've been banned for that. get some real talent and stop using multiple accounts Freekstyler/Darkie, or watever you want to call yourself. LMAO.

DarkyTheMexican responds:

Freekstyler Darkie? never herd of him. So you must watch a lot of gay shit then since it seems this is the GAYEST. I can do flash, but not for shit sorry. I didin't use ng to promote it just to show my skills of my website intro. For a 28 year old you sound real immature. Better luck in the future I doubt you can program.

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1.88 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2004
12:04 PM EST
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