Bonus Stage #9: Morbid

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Bonus Stage has a website of its own folks, and soon these cartoons will be removed from Newgrounds. Click on the Robot Sock link to get to the BS site. There are currently up to 35 episodes of the series now. So check them out, and thanks for the support.

Tonight's plot: Joel goes to Hell. Most people don't like this one too much. Then again, some don't even like any of the new ones. And some hate the old ones. It's all about subjectivity, my friend.


Joel should stay dead, along with this series.

What the fuck is the devil saying? I can't understand him and the stuff I managed to pick out of all the badly recorded shit didn't make any sence at all. Joel should have stayed in hell, Elly and Phil are way more funny and intresting then that idiot. It least this had one funny part, I'll let the reviewers pick it out, because it'd be interesting to see what they find so funny about this crap. And at least those fucking Blue and Red idiots at the start of this series are gone, lets hope it stays that way. Most good Flashes have something called "good voice recording", for the character that has the most screen time, it's pretty bad to give him the most lines and expect us to find what he's saying funny when we can't even understand him.

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3.91 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2004
8:49 AM EST
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