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Miko Miko NURSE!

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For insane viewers only. May cause seizures in lab animals.
This might qualify as Fanimutation.

The pink-haired girls at the end are from "3 Nin Matsuri".

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Ah, the last review's from 2016, but this is a beautiful piece of art that's stood against the forces of time and nature, delivering unto us the happiest, Pikachu-shit-filled dreams for the past, well, almost two decades.

I remember this from Albino Black Sheep, and it still delivers in that wonderful way it did all those years ago.

Here it is, in all of its glory, giving and... giving. Always. Your, "animutations," and Lemon Demon's songs filled the voids of adolescence and childhood for many of us. You were our forays into cultures and lifestyles (OH GOD, NO, WHY) we knew not of as tiny little baby-children and pseudo-armpit-hair-having entities.

I showed this to my mom. I showed this to my friends. I showed her that Scooter song that made your Internet Explorer window bounce, song's called, "Maria (I Like It Loud)", video's called, "Dub Dub," or something.

I played Runescape and then watched this, man. Those were the glory days for Flash.

Thank you.

Aww, no scene after the credits. It was great recognizing all these characters. I know this is some sort of meme. Well, it couldn't have been a very big one. While short, it was still great. I guess it was just nice to see that "Foxtrot" reference.

Yeah, I got that. I just liked the crapping Pikachu for some reason. I wish I knew more about that fat girl meme. That really has been awhile for a long time. You even told us where some of the figures were from!

Hard to believe it's already been 10 years since this was made! Good memories. :)

Holy shit this brings me back

Even to this day I always have fun watching this as it's just batshit insane and fast as hell I mean what's not to love about this timeless classic?


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4.34 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2004
5:08 PM EST
Music Video