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Piconjo Jam #2

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OMG everyone loves Piconjo!!!!111 Thank j00 all for helping us get Front Page!
This movie took 6 artists 4 years to make! I am so happy to see all our years of hard work paying off.
Thank you again, all of j00.
Piconjo <3 j00

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i <3 mindless self indulgence..... pr0ps... i <3 j00

This was really annoying. It was just these cheap quality flashes. The one with GreatTeacherOnizuka didn't even do anything. I had to refresh the page whenever I clicked it. There was only one segment with nudity. It made my whole page fill up with porn!

Seriously, that's very graphic stuff! The drawings were so bad. It should have just been one cartoon. Most collabs work that way. Well, I guess this is more organized.

well if you can't get enough of the catchphrase

Piconjo owns joo!!!!!111!!!1




picono rocks!!!!

picono is teh best!