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Old Harry

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i had to make a movie for geography showing the orrosion of a cliff called old harry. so i did. lol

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I didn't like it

It was... boring and I didn't understand what was really going on. So keep trying. :)

i liked it

it was kinda cool watching the stick figure dive down the mountain in slow motion. In fact someone shuld make a flash where someone just dives off of stuff in slow motion. I'll. . . be. . . . right. . back. . . . . . . ..


Im gald you did,since this was really good,keep up the good work!Great music and great style too!


((( HEH )))

First off great music, it really set the tone for the movie, i like the art style, it was simple yet detailed heh, the film itself was short and funny, but also seemed sloppy in parts of it, but still it was ok, so i say notbad...


Right off the bat,

It's spelled, "erosion", not orrosion. The movie itse;f was pretty blah with nothing too memorable. I'm sure it was a great gag for all involved in the class itself, but since I don't take geology, I'm not all that interested. Nice animation of the stick tumbling down the mountain though.