NG Time Trial V - B

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Okay, this is being resubmitted because of issues that occurred during the "Rogue Whistlers" incident in which every flash submitted to the portal was whistled by a wiseguy/group of wiseguys.

Anyways, if you haven't seen this yet, enjoy! If so, well, maybe you'll notice something you did not before.


lol this was great!

wow this is awsome!
i wonder where u got their vioces???
3 thumbs up!

p.s.plz email me and teach me how to make flash videos!!please!!

at: choasmagic15 at yahoo.C 0 M

You're Winner!

Now that the whistle crisis is over (for now, at least), I will review each one.

These are ranked in order from best to worst:

Sketch: Tragic in a way, but also victorious. Nice
Livecorpse: Very bugged. Literally. Lots of BLOOD!!!
Regis: Funny, silly, but not that well animated
boxkittenclock. Eh... just Earthbound sprites and some other figures.

We Love you LC you will be Missed

This is my response to all of LC Flash Animations.
Adam Fulton you Came to NG to submit all of your wonderful Flash movies you have made ,
now that your no Longer with us we will carry on with Keeping your Submissions Alive and every BBS Posts and every Voteing review you made on NG over the Years and Months will Not be deleted,
and will remain on NG for all Time you have brough everyone on NG Hope and Optomisim to those who are New to Flash Animations,
Adam Christapher Fulton To us you are known as the Best what Life has to offer your talent of all that you made can Not be matched or beaten and as for me I speak these words as if I have known you all my Life,
only its a shame I Dont I wish I had perhapse Have known you In person to help you with your Troubles and also Give you words of encouragement Like you have given to others who needed it online and or offline on your everyday routine Adam we all Love you and we all know your watching Down on us From Gods heavenly kingdom we all Miss you Guy and we all Love you no mater what anyone says about you.
R.I.P Adam Christopher Fulton and God bless you my Friend........ <3 <3 <3 <3
NG Police Sergant Mithaniel_Marr

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Well i had to give my self a ten for the audio:P

haha nice job i think sketch michaels was damn funny, and the rest were great too it must take a long livecorpse? cuz i can see u dont copy frames then paste! any ways great job guys


Great,this was really really good.Another kickass timetrail wioth kickass animation!I hope thers lots more to come!


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3.79 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2004
2:17 PM EST
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