NG Time Trial V - B

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Okay, this is being resubmitted because of issues that occurred during the "Rogue Whistlers" incident in which every flash submitted to the portal was whistled by a wiseguy/group of wiseguys.

Anyways, if you haven't seen this yet, enjoy! If so, well, maybe you'll notice something you did not before.



its smooth animation but well group a kicked ur ass bad

Nice, none were bad.

Great music. That was great animations. None sucked. They were all awesome, no suggestions. Great movies, fellas. Keep it up!

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great flashes, but...

only regis_cartoons actually matched the flash to the music.

the music clip from group A worked better.

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livecorpes, again you leave me pleased. nice story, ending rocked, your graphics kept your style that i like. sketch_michles, i liked your story line, not bad animation either. regis, funny story line but the graphics were kinda poor in some places, alltogether it was nice. boxkittenclock... you lost me, sorry, but you had me till the end, somthing about cavemen... whatever, i did like the graphics though.

Not as good as the A group

After a promising time trial for boxkittenclock with his betrayal sketch featuring a fly, i thought his submission for this would also be great. But i was wrong. Far too little happening, the things on screen that change with the music were not noticeable (you even had to explain at the end), perhaps there were too many in jokes as well? Your fly sketch was accessible to everyone. I'd hate to slag off livecorpse after he was so decent about it last time with TT IV, so i won't. This idea was pretty good although not totally original (reminded me of 'antz') and the drawing is a step up. Not too sure about the excessive blood spatter but each to his own eh? Good job. I don't know what anyone else thought about Regis' effort but i thought it was hilarious, you use hilarious stereotypes to great effect, a nun on a bike? Classic. Sketch michaels yours was well drawn and animated but you could have done with far more gags, also the scenario is a little bit limited, miners tend not to be the funniest or most endearing people. Change 'em into door to door salesmen and have a 'tide' of pissed off customers and i think it could be better, especially if you got livecorpse to animate the blood.

I need a lie down

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3.79 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2004
2:17 PM EST
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