Keegan's Truck 4

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Thanks Tom for uploading this!


The best in the series (unless 5 is better)

It's obvious that people voted this low because they either can't take a joke, think it had no effort, or have the attention span of a Kindergarten student. I can't understand why movies (if you can call the following I mentioned movies) such as FREE BRITNEY SPEARS PORN (actually a man's spread ass that says Vote 5 for Porn, and no, I didn't actually watch that one, but I read the reviews and acted like I watched it) Who Let the Dogs Out (just a two frame GIF of some porn slut getting humped by a Chocolate Lab to the most annoying song out there), History of Fuck (the dumbest thing ever), and Britney Spears Fucks Sis (anybody who says Vote 5 for Porn is my enemy) gets high scores, but talented movies such as this get low marks. This is a whole lot better than most crap that gets thrown in the portal. I want to see a Keegan's Truck 5 someday.

!!!!Holy Fuck Keegan Rulz!!!!

Holy Shit That Was Hella Long But It Was Strangely Not Boring I Guess Its Just A Keegan Thing Hey Man Keep This Keegan Stuff Coming I Love Keegan (Not In A Sexual Kind Of Way) In A Brotherly Way!! The World Needs More Episodes Of Keegan So Make More!! Now!!

vote 5 for keegan

this shit is fucking awsome I hope your making more saga for keegan. keep up the good work

The Keegans Truck saga is great!

One man, 66 year war, over one person dead, he shall be the hope for America and the world,excellent plotline, excellent movie,excellent saga, brilliantly planned.

Fantastic, only Stonetrek beats it.

You guys have to release the Album, Keegans Truck, The soundtrack.

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2.97 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2001
2:32 AM EDT
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