Imp, episode 11

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Ah FINALLY!Imp new drawing style and new opening theme!Oh yeah!ANd its getting better and better.Episode 11, the beginning of a 3 parter..Oh dear..


Asian and Muppet jokes <3

Also this is the first use of the second opening credits, AWESOME ;D, well on to the review
Graphics: Nice job on drawing the TMNT's they are just "SO COOL," and DBZ jokes as well, now that is awesome :D, also those 3 single colored guys looked strange o.0, almost scary :(. Love Ronald McD's as well ;D
Sound: Well the beginning song is very cool, and the McD's song was cool as well, but the girl's (not all that much the guys) voice-acting in this episode was really bad :\, but that is forgivable, considering the series (OMG <3)
Style: Well i'm glad some of the other episodes are longer (now that i realize it) because how short it was, was kind of a disappontment, but a few good things were in it, like TMNT and DBZ, and McD's (enough acronyms for you?) Also the whole Iron Chef Asian jokes at the beginning were good to, of course the Swedish one was entirely true so there was no joke there ;P
Violence: Nice Asian fight scene, and well Roshi along with a load of crap, commited sexual harassmet (how unexpected heh) and well the TMNT guys sort of killed themselves a lot in their own credits, so that counts too ;)
Humor: "Translated to english he said : blallhahabblahlwowowopwoeoeo" best quote of the episode, but the rest was good as well, again all those parodies that i've now mentioned 4 or so times now ;)
One of my favorite episodes yet, even though it is kind of short, that doesn't matter, doesn't take away the fact that its good ^_^ 5/5 THE END

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Yeah, Hb wanted me to use iron chefs for once, tough i never saw that show, but the idea of having swedih chef in it came automaticly..And when using swedish chef, i couldn´t resist inserting my favorie muppets in it too, those 2 grumy old guys :p

Orignally i wanted Henrik to actually write Swedish chef´s dialogue in real Swedish, but later on i decided this was easier and funnier..but offcourse, what chef sas is faar from Sedish, thuss Henrik´s witty comment..
Imp 11 12 and 13 storyline was supposed to be one episode, but with all the random scenes i put in extra, i had to cut it up in some pieces..And yeah the episode is short..i was really busy in the time i made this one..Glad you liked the epiosde again ^_^


Pretty cool.


to damn long and kinna gay and pointless instead of funny i didnt laugh once

RogerregoRRoger responds:

HEHEHEHE?Long?This is one of the shortest episodes..Guess you dont like the series..Not funny?WEll, obviously there are a lot diffrent senses of humour and i try to have as many sort of humors as possible, only for sex and blood and gore jokes your on the wrong adress..I guess thats the reason so many poeple dont like it..Sigh..


I loved the Muppets part.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Was by accident actually..I orignally only wanted iron chefs, but i decided to make a spoof of their names, thuss Swedish chef.And while looking at the muppets website i saw a picture of the two grumpy oldmen, dunno the names, and since their my favorite i gave em a small part as well.Heh


How did it take 4 people to make this?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

there are actually 6 people working on it.:).But seriously, there is only one guy making the whole...ehmm, junk seeing your score, and thats me, Roger.The others only write scritps, give ideas, do voices and help me survive all these *nice* reviews you guys send me.

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3.88 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2004
5:16 AM EST
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