Xenomorfos Killer

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Xenomorfos Killer is a original shooting game in which you must focus on getting big combos in order to get more points. You can use these points to buy the clothes of famous Playstation 2 girls (strip-tease). If you can beat the game boss, you can choose between 3 different endings, all featuring stick characters. The game has a Ranking system, which tells you if you did well or not.

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Need cheats?

Yeah... im pro at MAKING cheats for myself heres YOUR guide:
1: Set difficulty to max
2: start the first level, and KILL all 10 of the thingies, with missing ONE beam max.
3: after the round u should get 50k, and then click BACK, and then FOWARD, BACK, FOWARDS ect. after 16 times of doing so... u get 800k, and u can pick ANY character, and let the clothes fly!
Your welcome.
Have fun cheating

Great game, truly wonderful...

I love space shooters, and this one is amazing. Yes, the collision detection is a bit glitchy, but those things are hard as hell to make....anyway. Graphics were nice, the music was glorious (what songs did u use btw). On to the score system. I congratualte you, you not only predicted what most players would do, but also confused the hell out of them. You knew most people would just stay on lazy and keep trying to unlock stuff, so u made it nearly impossible. Meanwhile on the hardest difficulty, u can get 50k points in the first level. Brilliant!
make more like this, truly amazing

Not bad

I thought it was alright nut u should make the points to strip them a little lower because all i could do was get rid of boots and gloves which suckd

Very fun game

I've found this game a few months, in your website, back when it even had the English translation. No problems, eu sou brasileiro. I reaaaally enjoyed this game, but i was an awful player, coudn't get to strip Julia... Sigh...
Yet, very cool game, nice jo! I just wonder if you make another game or, peharps, continue adding things on this one

The definition of the phrase "kinda sucky"

Yeah, so the controls weren't as horrible as I thought they would be. What was really terrible was the collision detection- why can i shoot a beam that looks like it's hitting only to have the enemy dodge it at the last second? Why can I hit an enemy that's a half-inch from where I shot? These and many other questions plagued me while I played. Others included: Why is it so hard to get enough points to get a single piece of clothing off the girls? Why is the music so generic (although entertaining for the first 30 seconds)? Why is this so crappily drawn? Where's the humor? Why are the violent scenes at the end so boring? Yes, my review of this game suggests that others don't play this game.

renatop7 responds:

I have not very much to say when some guy calls the Flash collision detection system "terrible" and music from Iron Maiden and Metallica "generic". Your review of this game suggests that you don't have a clue in the first place.