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Punch-Out: Behind the Punch is a Hugh Janus documentary. Doc, Glass Joe, King Hippo, and of course, Little Mac are all interviewed. They discuss three of Mac's fights; Glass Joe, King Hippo, and Tyson. They also discuss the rumors of Mac abusing drugs to give him a little extra for the Tyson fight and other off beat topics.

The only problem I have with the movie is if you use Scene Selection the music doesn't play, no biggie. Punch-Out fans and fans of comedy in general should enjoy it.


Could be great...

but it is very hard to follow the dialog, due to the grammer and spelling. The music loop is also pretty annoying. Remake it with actual voices instead of poor text.

Didn't care for it...

Did you do a spelling/grammar check before you did this? It's "lightweight", "lose" and "heroin"...and those were the ones I DID catch! The background sound loop got stale after awhile and the references to drugs and Muhammad Ali as "brain dead" weren't funny at all.
You could've done better, especially with such a great game as Punch-Out.

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Poor grammar, spelling, dialogue in general, I was lucky to be able to understand what they were yammering about, and when I did, it just wasn't that funny...

The music was also the most annoying loop I've heard in a month, at least. Put some EFFORT into it. So says Dr. Manhattan...

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dude awsome

udde i loved it anew twist on an old classic keep it up

not to flash, so to speak hehe

sorry mate, wasnt that funny, not interactive, what was the point?

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3.28 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2004
10:30 PM EST
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