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PPM Ep. 1

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I owe a Thank You to NigmaNoname for helping me with the ActionScript of this movie. Without his help, I couldn't have made this, so thank you very much.

AncientX: This is possibly the best Flash movie that I have ever made, complete with sound and everything. I spent a lot of time on this, I really hope that you enjoy it!

TheForgotten: I always try to keep a dark texture or style for my work. I like to leave the viewer guessing and with chills down their back. If you aren't either intrigued or still asking questions, I have not done my part. I hope you enjoy this movie.

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pretty good.

i like these sorts of presentations, they can do great things for clubs such as PP makers.
i think that some of the work here is excellent, and definately top-notch stuff. i thought that some of -Axe-'s work looked like professionally drawn pictures! and i must say that my favourites were done by Axe in that bunch.
well, they were all very good pictures, and the music was good, but the filesize was not. looks like someone needed to learn how to compress, heheh.
overall score: 7/10

Not bad...

Mkay...That was odd, a boring and unattractive concept (picture slideshows) but somehow you've made it interesting. Perhaps it's all the kickin' pics or awesome song...But whatever it is you did, I like it! X-3

*thinks* Could also be the lack of porn I'm all too familliar with on pic slides. o.o

some good pics

good pics but a bit big....

Message from -Axe-:
Top Reviewer:# 42 - Top Poster:# 58 - Top VP:# 447

how do you know that???

OCP-Lock responds:

Heh, yeah it was a bit big. I tried to lower the filesize and everything, but I was just starting out when I made that. Plus, all of the pics made it pretty large.

The reason that I know of those, is because of gfoxcook's list updates. He's one of the BBS Moderators, as you probably already know. If you go to the Where is/How to? Forum, there are threads for each of those. Top Reviewers, Top Posters, and Top Voting Power.

Not bad...

I actually kinda enjoyed it. You guys have talent, most of the pics were really good. The one thing that I didn't like is the really high file size, it's almost Newgrounds file size limit, and you have only a few pics ! Can't you optimize the audio ? Most people with slow connections would get mad to have waited 4,2 megs only for those pics.

OCP-Lock responds:

You know what, I just learned how to do that a few minutes ago, which is kind of ironic. So I will go and do that right now, thanks for the advice and the nice review.


While i'm not into this gothic stuff, I do have to give you credit for giving my ad (Assassination Jim Ad!!!...look it up!) some credit of its own (and the pictures were pretty good I guess, too)

OCP-Lock responds:

Hmm..I'm not quite sure I understand what you are talking about with the Assassination Jim Ad. It sounds familiar, and I am glad that you took the time to review my movie. My next ones will be better though, I can guarantee that. Much better pictures, I promise...hha...

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4.02 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2004
10:50 PM EST