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[ OLD GAME/MOVIE, -Kenney ]

I'm working on this game since 01/28/03. Everyday hard work... I'm now on let's say 40% of the game, I think thats enough to let you see a beta version.In the full version the goal you have to complete will be something like 'Get a @Home score of 1100 within 10 days' or 'Have at least 10 pieces of furniture within 8 days'. I hope you enjoy this beta, and review/vote !

Morku | Morku Ware


The Best

This game id probably the best game on newgrounds and when the full version comes out ill be waiting!


I cant wait until the full version of this game comes out its excellent! Front page material for sure. Keep up the good work morku!


This looks like its going to be a really good game,and its unbelievable that all of this can fit in 171 kb!!!and your halfways through,so maybe it wont be more than a mb when its done!!!
Keep working with this,im looking forward the day when you finish it!ยจ


Pretty fun

I liked the way you merged ideas from the Sims and also from some of the sim dating games out there; however, I was wondering if you could make it a bit more interactive. There is definitely a ton of interactivity, but will there be a storyline in the final version? Also, can you rotate the furniture at all (it really doesn't work having a chair's back to a table)? I had fun at first, but it soon became me just making money, buying all the furniture I could, and upping my stats. I know you'll have goals in the final version which will be nice, but it would also be nice to see something more real-life oriented. Good work so far on the beta, I'm excited to see the final.


this is really good

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3.50 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2004
8:14 AM EST
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