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[ OLD GAME/MOVIE, -Kenney ]

I'm working on this game since 01/28/03. Everyday hard work... I'm now on let's say 40% of the game, I think thats enough to let you see a beta version.In the full version the goal you have to complete will be something like 'Get a @Home score of 1100 within 10 days' or 'Have at least 10 pieces of furniture within 8 days'. I hope you enjoy this beta, and review/vote !

Morku | Morku Ware


not bad

but some minor issues, like working at school etc, it says +150 dollers - yet when u work u get 20 bucks...slight difference in whats promised really.

maybe have diff music selection option, so there is more than 1 repetative lil tune.

at school when u buy sport, it says it will increase knowledge buy one, and even the popup says knowledge +1, when its actually increaseing strength.

have an option to move furnature once its placed.

and above all, make the stats do something, atm they dont do a thing.

cant wait till the real version comes out, nice work

Kenney responds:

Thanks, I will look at the issues you said.

The final version should be brilliant...

...if you get the option to turn that BLOODY MUSIC OFF!! apart from that, good game!

Kenney responds:

Look in the options menu !

pretty good

i wish you could walk around the city, in these kinda games, besides that, cool game me thinks.. :)

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3.50 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2004
8:14 AM EST
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