[old] Virtualife 1.01

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[ OLD GAME/MOVIE, -Kenney ]

I'm working on this game since 01/28/03. Everyday hard work... I'm now on let's say 40% of the game, I think thats enough to let you see a beta version.In the full version the goal you have to complete will be something like 'Get a @Home score of 1100 within 10 days' or 'Have at least 10 pieces of furniture within 8 days'. I hope you enjoy this beta, and review/vote !

Morku | Morku Ware



i think this should go ton the frount page...

Good Potential

This game was pretty tight but it was really boring. there was like nothing to do and i was only havin fun for like 10 minutes. i did everything it had to offer, but there is a lot of potential for this game. it kinda remiinds me of the sims. i think that u should add characters to interact with, more jobs, and a reason to build up stats. also, try to make it so there is something to do at the house except just sleep. pretty good.


GREAT game .....gave it a 10.over a year heh?i guess that work realy paid off beacause the graphics are great!I like ur style and this game keeps u busy.....great 1 morku or whateva ur name is lol

I Liked it!

It was very good it make me think of the sims busting out!


i gave u a 3 on the voting...this took u 1 year and over?only 100 over kb???anyway crapy music...improve your graphics..and stuff get some ideas from other flash

Kenney responds:

I hate your kind of guys, go and try make a game yourself instead of pissing off other people. You should be banned from Newgrounds.com forever! I quote : 'this took u 1 year and over?', how do you know how long a game can take to make if you never made or tried making one before? and 'crapy music',You can say its crappy if you can make it better, the quality is low so the flash would keep under 1mb.That brings us to our next subject 'only 100 over kb???', why should little things always be crappy? Did you ever ate a peanut? they're little but tasty, ever ate a rock? they are big but not tasty.and then the last but worst thing,'improve your graphics', WTF?! Everyone here says my graphics are great...except you, So, go make your own game and music and then come back and give me a 6 and piss of my things, cya then.


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3.50 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2004
8:14 AM EST
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