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Starfox 64: In a NutShell

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THIS IS NOT A RIP-OFF of the infamous "In A Nutshell" series with the high pitch speed voice. This movie was just named this because we couldn't think of anything else. Also, this movie contains SPOILERS so do not view unless you really want to know what happens. I'd like to thank PlatformerMastah for his great work on the audio!

*update... kinda*
WOW, I never thought this movie would get THAT popular lol. Again, I wish to thank PlatformerMastah because without him, this would NOT HAVE HAPPENED. It's his voice and his creativity at work combined with my flash lol. and oh yea... LUE FOREVER! And if you're wondering, my gfaqs name is the same as my author name, Light Chaos Moon!



dont make anymore nutshell movies.

What was that!?

UGH! That is crap! That wasn't even a movie just some rant!

Most retarded movie, EVER.

Not only does it not do the original game justice, its filled to the brim with absolutely retarded LUE fads. The art is terrible, the voices aren't funny, and "do a barrel roll" is the worst catchphrase, EVER.

The only reason this isn't going to be blammed is because most LUEsers will rate it 5.

It sucked.

you wasted my time, telling me a story i arleady knew, i was hopeing you would comment on some crappy parts of the plot, or the fact it makes u go threw it like 5 times, and stuff, but all you did was basicly do thee nding of the game, in 2 mins, Its horrible, the reason why in a nutshell concept works is, your playing with peoples judgements of a game, if when you said "and you go threw a bunch of planets" you mentioned how sucky the system was, or SOMETHING , i woulda been entertained, but this just sucked. Go play the game, and you will end with the same feeling, This was BAD, horrible, ECT! don't waste my time again (check my other reviews, im nice normally, it just sucked, so bad!)

LightChaosMoon responds:



If you dont want your time wasted... dont watch them? ^_^;

IT Fuken Sucked!

dude wtf theres no good graphics in it its not funny at all the guy's voice impression's Suked even worse something this bad should not be on NEW GROUND!!

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Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2004
6:00 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place February 27, 2004