NG Time Trial IV Group B

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Freek_Sk8er's part was fixed and is now working properly. It is now the correct length it was supposed to be.

Group B Editon of NewGrounds Time Trial Challenge IV!

Mr. Luis says:
"Another Time Trial Challenge with more new participants. For this challenge the participants had to work within a set title. As usual the deadline was set as 3 days, this is Group B."

Enjoy Everyoe.


hmm ok

but too many cliches. almost every betrayal story featured a gun :/...even the spoon one....

j_smooth's was kinda funny. and seizuredogs was pretty neat. nice work over all tho...some good skilz.

J-Smooth responds:

Thanks psycho87 The whole crew from Group B thanks you.

not as good as group A

Uhm the only movies wich were worth my time. were those from Hatterclock J_sMoOtH and SeizureDog . while all movies in group A kicked ass. And for dark draco: 1 Get some sound. 2 if a bullet enter in ur wraist dont make in impact in the chest...

Im Going to Review them by Each Author

First, HatterClock: Overall (9) I liked it, looked the fbf drawings of the spoons was really cool

J_sMoOtH : Overall (8) It started off Noob like, no offence. But the storyline, it cracked me up. The ending and the twist !!!! i couldnt stop laughing.

Freak_sk8er Overall (3) To short, drawing... YUK! It doesnt fit betraying i think.... it sucked

SeizureDog Overall (10) It rocked, the music and the animation fitted together sooo well!!! it was amazing. Loved the Style and fastpaced action!!!

Last Dark_Darko Overall (3) I turned my Speakers WAY!!! !UP!!! , but heard nothing. Some sound could added in 72Hours. It was bad sad to say. Disappointing...

not bad

but i think group A was better

most of them were real good.

So,i'll review this for each movie in here.

HatterClock:I say this was the best out of all of these other movies,but forks,knifes,and spoons that has blood?hmmm...

J_sMoOtH:Didn't like yours that much,but still ok.it needed some of that music in there.

Freek_Sk8er:I think that was kinda ok,but you should of made it longer.

SeizureDog:It needs some color into it,like the others.

Dark_Drako:kinda short,needs some sound and music on it.

Overall,I still think all these are real good.

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3.77 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2004
6:28 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 27, 2004