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NG Time Trial IV Group B

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Author Comments

Freek_Sk8er's part was fixed and is now working properly. It is now the correct length it was supposed to be.

Group B Editon of NewGrounds Time Trial Challenge IV!

Mr. Luis says:
"Another Time Trial Challenge with more new participants. For this challenge the participants had to work within a set title. As usual the deadline was set as 3 days, this is Group B."

Enjoy Everyoe.


Good job, guys!

Hey guys, great job representing with Group B of the Time Trial. I'll go through and comment for all of you.

HatterClock - I liked it, a classic concept using everyday object. the "stuttering" animation style was pulled off very well. A little disappointed that you copped out and thre in a gun. Would have been funny to see the knife and spoon duke it out. :)

J_sMoOtH - that was great! The ending is predictable, but that's okay, because the joke was set up in fine fashion. Audio's a little scratchy, but the voices are wonderful.

Freek_Sk8er - From what I understand your whole entry was not represented here, so I won't pass judgement. If you resubmit the whole thing solo, I'll throw you a review.

Seizure_Dog - That was really well done. It's a little hard to follow in some places, because all of the characters look the same, but I still managed to get the general idea and it was pulled off pretty well for a three-day project.

Dark_Drako - Looks like you might have bit off more than you could chew, trying to build and animate the whole character in limited time. A tip - you're animating too slowly. Don't be afraid to shorten up your tweens. ESPECIALLY on the bullet. I've never seen a bullet travel so slowly. :)

Good job to all!

J-Smooth responds:

Thanks Needle :)

We all appreciate the review.
You yourself did a fantastic job on representing Group A. I havent seen an original flash like that in a while.

Once again we all thank you, and really appreciate the review.

very well done...

HatterClock: I liked it, the drawings of the silverware was cool, the way it was purposely(at least i hope it was purposely) drawn the way it was, because i liked it..

J_sMoOtH: It started off semi-decent, But you made up for it with the storyline, it made me laugh. the ending was so funny, i laughed pretty hard.

Freak_sk8er: It was really well done animation wise, but it waas wayyyyy too short, and i didnt really see too much betrayel, just a SWAT van running over the guy outside the rich store, would have been better if you put a scene of the guy robbing the rich store before he got run over..

SeizureDog: awesome, the music and the animation co-ordinated very well together. Fast-paced, but too the point... the most original of all..

Dark_Darko: No music, animation wasnt the best too make up for that. too short, etc. etc. by far the worst (no offece, but you were completely blown away by the others)

very well done all. great job!

J-Smooth responds:

Thanks We all thank you

JsMoOtH says, Yea since you only got 3 days to do this, I didn't spend much worrying about the graphics but thinking of a solid storyline to make it good. I'm glad it made you laugh.

I don't think some people understand this...

...my movie is suppose to look like that. It was the style I went with. The graphics where drawn out of choice, not nessicity. The music must have been lowered in quality to save space, so don't complain about that please. Also, all of the drawings were just a little off from where they should be. That made some things cut off and other boundries open ended. That isn't my fault either. Anyways, on to my reviews.

HatterClock-Silverwere...never seen that used in movie before. I like orginallity. So I like that.

J_Smooth-Quite funny. Despite the sound and graphics.

Freek_Sk8er- WAY to short.

Seizure_Dog-Do I rock or what? (Sorry for being arrogant here but I have the right to do as I please. I'm really quite humble about the whole thing)

Dark_Drako- I swear I thought this was a halo spoof. I mean, that guy looked like him, AND picked up a blue hued round object (plasma granades anyone?) I was so hoping that it would blow up in his face. But sadly, it didn't. Oh well.

You guys...

...need to think over what it takes to be a flash artist. If your proud of this then you need to learn flash all over again. If youre not proud of this then you should have dropped out because no decent flash artist could take that hit to their pride. you had 3 days to make this but on some of them you only spent a few hours doing it. Use as much time as you can get and seriously do get better, cuz you suck.

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J-Smooth responds:

Well Crip_Jim on behalf of all 5 of us, we say F*CK YOU.

Go make a flash before you preach about the faults of others. How can you talk smack about something you have no idea of or experience in?

I originally liked the NG time trials...

I mean... part IV A was good... this killed it man... good topics... bad graphics and animation

HatterClock: um... is there supposed to be extra gray around the silverware??? cuz it looked really off...

J_Smooth: Hey... that was prob the worst! the graphix were really poorly put together... and it was all tweening and bad frame by frame... the microphone was pretty blurrry as welll.... ahh that hurt a lot!! good idea... but... no...

Freek_Sk8er: yours was definitely the best out of them all... great graphix and topic and everything... coulda been a bit longer but no complaints here

Seisure Dog: learn how to animate.... yea
that was pretty bad...also went by WAY too fast

Dark_Drako: semi-good graphix... the movement wasnt convincing tho... a lot of tweening where frame by frame was needed.... coulda used a bit of shading too... but it was ok...

I want to see better stuff next time...

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Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2004
6:28 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 27, 2004