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A Fly's Story

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Thank you to -theFUNK- For making the music that made this submission complete. People contacted me about the speed, but I don't think giving you speed would benefit your health, so I decided to fix a few glitches I spotted.
It was hard to choose music for this submission, it's a little bit later on the timeline, but it still works.

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I loved that submission. I gave it a 10 for humor because it was soooo funny!


I liked it , the onley thing i didnt like whas the music it totaly bored me :(
in your respond you made i saw that you will be making fbf movies , thats a good thing to do sinse most newgrounders like frame by frame more than , "just tweening"
My static is frame by frame too Its not very easy .
dont tell . ill tell my friend about this and your other submissions :P

keep up the good work .

check my submissions :D

one of the good ones dude

i thought this was perfect music and all some people on here are to critical keep it up man.

Eques-Ardor responds:

Tell your friends!
I'm not doing anymore Tweening movies, I got a copy of Flash MX 2004, and am doing my next movie in frame by frame... I have no clue when it'll be done, but expect it to've taken alot of effort, and it should also LOOK pretty damn good... at least by my standards.

catch the buzz!

Eques_Ardors work is steadily becoming more and more accomplashed (sp?), back in his earlier films he showed a spark and talent in this field and this spark has ignited into a flaming torch thats inevitably going to blind us all... I need to get myself some sunglasses!

yeah, anyway, this one starts off in a very stylised fasion, graphically it looks great, with the exception of the hands, and the storyline is amusing throughout, though perhaps a swatter would have been more interesting than a clap... meh, whatever... very cool anyway.
The music starts off great though it doesnt quite tie in with the style... In my oppinion anyway... otherwise its great! Keep it up Eques!

Eques-Ardor responds:

A swatter!?!? and squish the burger!?!?
not happenin', either way thanks for your support, my newest video is up, it's called "A 20's Cartoon Boy X-mas", if you haven't seen it... umm... see it...

interesting story

you could've done better with the hands or somthing. it was pretty funny...light bulb... hehe... ahh...thats great... oh yeah and i like the animation for the fly.keep on keepin on