NG Time Trial IV

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This is not a contest, this is a challenge. Judge each artist based on the quality of work for the given time.
Continuing Luis' NG Time Trial, each author had a set amount of time to work on thier movie (shown at the end of their movie). Can these talented artists beat the clock?
Enjoy the show, fun for the entire family.

(*If you would like to be in a NG TT simply follow the thread in the Flash forum.




it was good

For the short amount of time they were given they were OK. The best two were Needle's and Squeezy's.

This is for Needle only

I think some people that review these don't pay attention to the fact that they are given limited time. Although I agree that they sucked except I thought Needle's was pretty good I couldn't find anything WRONG with it could have been expanded a bit, but takes time which couldn't be helped.

that sucked

that was pretty crappy, really lame too. expecially the one about the gf cheating on the bf, that was terrible, you guys need to work on everything

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a little short of the mark...

...BUT let me qualify that by saying that for the most part I am simultaniously amazed that any half decent flash could be made in under 72 hours (normal time). So no matter how harsh or kind I am guys, I just wanted to say I salute you for taking this trial and coming up with this stuff in such an incredibly small frame :)

LiveCorpse: I dunno dude this was REALLY random...the part when he walked past the dead guy without a second glance in the middle made no sense at all (though if you were just showing us how insane he really is, I retract the statement). And the end was semi-predictable and anti-climatic (loved the eyes though!). Oh and props to you for crediting the music you used. 6/10

BoxKittenClock: Sorry I never did get into this one. The animation was pretty smooth, but the B&W really didn't work, and the music wasn't very good. The ending was swift, predictable, and kinda disappointing (needed a little something more, though I can't say what). 6/10

Sqeezy: Impressive...for six hours of work. Total hodge podge for me. I loved your musical selections and the backgrounds; hated the blobs (though with only 72 hours I can understand). You had me held with the plot up until the gun was fired, then it went downhill. The sword that came from nowhere, and the tank at the end (I'm gonna guess that's a NG tribute...even if it is, its confusing and pointless towards helping the viewer understand the nature of the betrayal (personally I'd have started further back than the story's begining and then built up to the gunshot for an end...but that's just me). 7/10

Psychojester: No...just no. This was really bad. I mean I don't like the clocks as a rule, but this was bad even by their standards. Basic (though smooth moving) graphics, mediocre music, horrible dialogue and the ONE joke that you made at the end off of that mind-numbing running gag didn't even get a fake laugh outta me. Better luck next time. 3/10

Needle: Hey what can I say man? This was cool. The graphics were colorful and well corrdinated(at times a little shaky, but hardly ever), the premise was awesome, and between the graphics and excellent sound an air of creepiness/awe that really grabbed me. Great job! 9/10

Again thx guys for doing the Time Trial. It takes guts to try and talent even to meet the deadline. Take care! ^-^

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Whoo, good stuff. Humor and creativeness. Keep it up.

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Feb 25, 2004
1:41 AM EST
  • Daily Feature February 26, 2004
  • Weekly 3rd Place March 3, 2004