NG Time Trial IV

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This is not a contest, this is a challenge. Judge each artist based on the quality of work for the given time.
Continuing Luis' NG Time Trial, each author had a set amount of time to work on thier movie (shown at the end of their movie). Can these talented artists beat the clock?
Enjoy the show, fun for the entire family.

(*If you would like to be in a NG TT simply follow the thread in the Flash forum.




We will all miss you, livecorpse.

You were one of the special artists, the ones with rare talent. We wil all miss you and i know god'll let you in there. Farewell. By the way.. Your flash was the best, and to top it off, 99 flash movies and 1 flash game will keep anyone occupied for a while.Again, Farewell


They were awsome!

My favorite was PsychoJesters then Needles



Very funky animation designs - the sun, the backrounds, and especially the characters. While this was shorter than I would of hoped, it did leave a mark. Good choice of music and the animation was fairly good. Keep it up. 7/10


This movie went by so quick, I had to watch it twice. Simplistic aniamtion, nice rhytmatic music and a fun little plot. The animation is your only bad thing. Work a little bit more on the aniamtion and you could have a very cool movie. 6/10


I loved the music, very good stuff. Your potato-like creations were ok, a little more detail would of been nice. Violent, bloody, and funny. What is wrong with that? 6.5/10


Awesome looking creatures which could easily be the centerpoint of their own movie. Gore galore, ehh. Nice use of sound effects to go along with the characters and background music. I really enjoyed this movie, a solid 8/10. Good work.


The music was a little annoying, was that the point? I would of loved to of seen more movements or actions from the characters and a more fitting ending. 5/10


Once again, I must say, great job to everyone who contributed to this and all the Time Trials. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a flash movie, especially under such a deadline. Great job.




Good job guys

They were all great. The animation and sound was, of course, amazing...but the clock one, no offense, was kinda lost on me...I didn't really get it.

Livecorpse responds:

Well, we are glad you liked this compilation. We certainly enjoyed making it!


Movies about betrayal, they all had morals to them (well I think so), and all of them looked great too. Why some people say they suck so bad is their problem. I thought all of these were great fot the amount of time that you guys had to make them in. Anyways I though this was...Excellent.

Livecorpse responds:

Yeah man, totally. A couple days isn't that much time to work on a flash, well, generally.
thx for review

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3.79 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2004
1:41 AM EST
  • Daily Feature February 26, 2004
  • Weekly 3rd Place March 3, 2004