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Ninjas making a robot!

NOTE: A better version of this animation can be found at http://home.comcast.net/
~blackthunder33/ but the file size is 18 mb

FIRST is an organization where teams from high schools across the world build robots and compete with them. On top of that, the team can create a 30 second animation (primarily using 3D Studio Max) to describe what FIRST means to them. I helped make this animation for Team 151, and I decided to post it on Newgrounds. It's a bit fast paced, so you might need to watch it a couple times to get everything. Tell me what you think!

For the record, this is why Harts Valentine has no mouth movements


good job

better than a lot of the other short stuff i see on here

Pretty sweet

From the moment it started it never lost my attention. The animation was nice, making everyone Ninjas is a plus, the music is original (to me atleast =p), and I wish it was a bit larger but I won't drop my rating for that (cause that's just stupid XD). To everyone who made this 30 second clip (can I call it a clip? Xp) good job. You deserve a pat on the back!

Well I think...

That you three should definately get your own freaking collection! I bet if there were more Heart's made then you would atleast get that turned into a collection. BUT I want all of your stuff at my finger tips! And you know what.... newgrounds should make a profile page for everyone who's submitted more than a few things that werent blammed... and so, you could search by genre and whatnot and find animations you would like =_= by artists in the style you like =_= etc etc um you guys are great etc etc...

tlgmedia responds:

You could also just visit our website.


Nice graphics, but really short, and the point was...what?

tlgmedia responds:

Ninjas making a robot. It's all there in the comments.

Sweet graphics but kinda pointless

Great 3d rendered graphics, but it needs better quality so it would be able to occupy the entire screen. The sound was shitty city, hall hall hall.

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3.49 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2004
1:42 AM EST
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