Mayhem 2

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I'm not even going to bother telling you why I don't like this. All you're going to do is immediately go on the defensive, and claim that you're not wrong for lacking creativity, but how the reviewer is wrong for not liking your movie. I only voted a 2 on this because I know it won't get blammed, and I want the protection point. Don't waste your time replying, because I won't read it. This movie sucks and it should get blammed, but it won't.

ShibbyHoboJoe responds:

::sigh:: dont cry


good but wasnt exactly flash ANIMATION and i wasnt diggin the korn bs. okay i giv u a 3.

ShibbyHoboJoe responds:

ya knox never has flash animations and this is only a filler while i do my elements part 5, theres alot of animation in there

Truley stupendius!

Wow good job Devlish2! Just as i liked mayhem this one was really great. I did also like the grenade part. The fire truck was sweet also. O and I gave the sound a 10 outta 10 cus koRn is freakn Ausome man!!!! Im still trying sum of the stuff taht u did on the first mayhem, but i will also have to try some of this stuff. great job!

ShibbyHoboJoe responds:

haha, awesome dude

Some were good, some were crap....

The best one was when he threw the grenade, I burst out laughing! The one where the car blew up was funny as well, the others were either OK, or just plain crap....

ShibbyHoboJoe responds:

thx i guess

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2.52 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2004
11:15 PM EST