Mayhem 2

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really it was terrible. all u did was get a couple screenshots wipped it together with some music whitch played over and over again then make stupid squigle ligns on the sides. i could make a better movie with a tree and its life cycle. and im a n00b at animation

loved the old days...

ah, I loved GTA 3...

Better then the other 1 but,

You didnt show enough beet downs and didnt use the bat , as a sycoe cartoon char 1s said
"Weres the Violence, Weres the BLOODSPRAY?!" Were is the blood spray man i didnt see much jus a few drops. You need the bat to knock some blood outa them! Come on when i read mayhem i want real mayhem no jus bombs!
Besides that the flash was great! You even used the Firetruck(oldschool GTA2's was better though cause you could shoop people from the truck with the water) An you didnt get a tank either, i mean come on u gotta at least use the newgrounds symbol man! Even if u only waste a police station or 2 its the fact that u did it in a Tank!
Well keep up the great work an Make another 1! I now u play it enough to make another 1.


Ahh the good ol gta days hehe! I thnk ima go play it for a bit:)
Nice vid!

i liked the choice of music.

thats better than the other one i saw like that, the other one was boring as crap, great

ShibbyHoboJoe responds:

ya this one is more entertening and the movie quality is crisp

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2.60 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2004
11:15 PM EST