thats our saddam 04

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depressingmusic.com presents: that's our saddam episode 4 - the live action episode


Wasted time off my life!

Now i know i had the power to turn the flash off at any point but i was to distracted at the stupidness of this flash.
I hope you guy's will try harder on other flashes so when i come across something of your's again i won't regret it.

(it wasted exactly 2min. off my life mabye more mabye less the point it it still wasted time off my life!)

mortimernova responds:

you leave that to me...


This movie rocked teh socks! I love you both so much for doing this!

And tell your crazy homeboy Saddam I said hey!

mortimernova responds:

you love me for doing this? man... and i didn't even get you a 4 year anniversary prsent... i do have this jar of blood from blood feast island... my mother had sex with a dog... and that dog was my mother...


I liked the drawing ver. ones better but this one is still very good!

mortimernova responds:

but look how much i got hurt! me in pain screams hillarity... like aids...


This is my favorite "Thats my Saddam" movie so far. You guys both did a good on this, mixing live people with the cartoon Saddam character. A pretty well played out story, which you rarely get to see with live action ppl in flash. I hope you do more live action movies like this. I thought it was funny when that guy was dancing to the Three's Company song, it just added to the weirdness of the whole situation as he's getting beat up for no reason, except for our entertainment. Good work!!

mortimernova responds:

with how easy it is to do, i'm surprised more people don't do live action and animation... it's funny and simple... but i'm glad they don't... it gives us a chance to capitalize on something new-ish...

Good job on this one

The sound wasn't as good as in most of the other ones, but this was really good. Lol, that part when Saddam stabbed him was kind of cheesy, and the guy on the couch laughing was kind of creepy. Good job ont his one...lol.

mortimernova responds:

we figure, you give a little to get a little... and we're lazy... so it was kinda like "well, we either redo the sound or we go get drunk"... i made my decision and i stand behind it...

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4.17 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2004
6:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original