CastleVania Xtreme

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I have realized that my menus are bad! But on the versus screen, you have to choose a subweapon by clicking one of three pictures, then you may continue!
After dying or killing a boss you will revieve additional 5 hearts, and you keep your accumulated hearts as long as you have lives left.

OK! I had to finish this game not (fully) complete, because I got a life besides making flash games! :p So I left out some cool features like secret bosses and secret weapon! Plus the ending is a rush-job!!! :p I do apologise for that, but this game still kicks ass!!! :D

BTW! For those of you who have not played old NES classics like CV: Please dont judge this game hard because of the frustration it may cause! Its supposed to be hard as hell!
So prove that you are a hardcore gamer by trying again, instead of giving up! ;) Remebmber: EVERY boss has a pattern of fighting! Find that and it will be easier! Or you can write in a password that says "chicken hawk" to get access to easy mode! CHICKEN!!! :D



imposible to beat
you should had made it more easy
when you jump the hellfire hits you
1.5 stars
need more improvement

Meh. This game is too hard. Its nearly impossible to hit Dracula in the head every time he appears before teleporting. Its an okay game though and is exactly like the old Castlevania.

It can't be....WORSE.

great game but what annoys me is when I sometimes get hit by an enemy I get koncked back and insted of landing like normal I get stuck in the air.but otherwise awsome

I find it sad that I can barely beat Dracula and he's supposed to be the first boss. Hell, I even entered Easy Mode and I lost three lives on the guy. It's the fireballs. I cant swing the whip fast enough to hit them.

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3.54 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2004
7:50 PM EST
Action - Other