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KiSS FIGHTER Version 1 - "Strip Poker" for the NEWGROUNDS Generation.

It's time for the KiSS Academy awards ceremony. The only way to win is to strip your opponent naked using the fighting and magic skills you've learned to the delight of the entire student body. The last one with something still on wins the award.

If people like it, I will make a better one. You must have Flash 7 plug in for the game to operate correctly.


Each fight is pretty much the same, just with different names for the moves, characters and insults. But despite it being repetitive, I enjoyed it since it wasn't too long or hard to win. It's good that the game doesn't cheat to correctly block your attacks (at first I suspected that it might). The girls were beautiful and the insults were flavorful.

I noticed that the the damage listed for each move wasn't necessarily correct. For example, the 3rd fighting move says it does 9-27 hp worth of damage. I understand it doing less because of blocking, but I've seen it do more such as 40, despite no indication of critical hits being in this game.

The battle gems I assume are meant to serve as the unlocking requirement, since once you have enough to unlock the last battle, there's no need to save any more. But it's a bit disappointing that beating the final battle doesn't unlock anything more sexual. The nudity in this game could pass for an M rating instead of A, and there wasn't even any ass since the girls always faced forward.

i personally enjoy the ability to undress your character even if you win!

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Its a very nice game but could use a bit more to do once you unlock all the girls maybe use the gems to unlock pics or new attacks or maybe finisher moves once they lose all there close but still have hp.

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This game has good points and bad points. I like the general idea of the game. the main part I dislike is the whole battle gem idea, after you get 300 battle gems and win the last battle you can keep playing and keep racking up battle gems, though after the last battle the battle gems don't seem to have any further use. Also after so many times of winning and or loosing the fights there doesn't seem to be any point to it. maybe in the next version after winning so many times you could do somethings to your adversary and after loosing so many times they can do the same things to you. just a thought hoping a sequel is made with more options. Overall a good game :)

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Isn't even working.

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4.05 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2004
1:19 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS