Gasalaska Makes a Friend

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Mr. Gasalaskas' third cartoon.


pools of blood, that never gets old...

the art style is very much like that popular clip art package w/all of the 50's-retro style ad icons. I'm surprised that more people don't dip into this easy and cool style. The laugh track was very cool, and the Rear Window style killing was ok. Didn't get a good score because the storyline was kind of aimless and w/o a point. Like we started and ended in the middle of another story. Or maybe just an excuse to shoot a cop, I don't know.


Nothing's funny about killing a cop... then pumping him full of lead.... too offensive.

Gasalaska responds:

watch it again, note the lack of humour during that scene? I think you've missed the point but that's ok,I'm prepared for the fact that some people wouldn't get it...

Mixed Bag

First off the graphic style was great, very unique and creative. The story wasn't bad, the timing was good, and as for the sounds, well the music was fine but I'm sorry to say that the laugh track (while amusing) outstayed it's welcome and really started to bug me by the end. Other than that the ending seemed kinda tacked on, an easy way out. Keep up the work though.


I love the classic humor style of this... it actually made me laugh out loud. The high pitched scream is so overused in Flash though...

Great graphics, good sound... great everything, but one thing that holds this back is the uninteresting ending. It's the age old story of bad ending to a good story, shit happens I guess. I still really liked it.

hey, new zealand

hey yo, that was a pretty cool movie, except i have no idea what he was doing in the beginning, maybe it's because i never saw any other Mr. Gasalaskas movies, but i dunno, it was pretty cool i liked it to some extent

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3.64 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2001
9:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original