Knock Knock

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When a friend tells a friend one of those old corny knock knock jokes.
-Marc M.


If you're aiming for shock, you got it.

If you're doing this to practice for better work. Good for you. If that's what's what you're aiming for...the sound was good... The joke went over my head though. The score was for shock factor, which lead to gross-out factor. If you were going for suprise, you got it, at least from me. Hope you come up with something "different" for your next one.


Uhh... I didn't really get the joke. Lol. Well, the graphics were awesome, the way the characters moved and the sound was pretty good, I suppose.

Sorta corny, good work though.

so fucking gay

this movie is so gay but funny

My god...

I love it, it makes no sense. For all of you people that said, "im not homophobic" and thought i was the grossest thing you've seen, well you are homophobic, 1. its only a cartoon 2. if you werent homophobic then it wouldnt be gross. that is all.

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::Agrees with sniperman::

Like stated above I agree with sniperman... basicly on everything he said... um... so just read his review again.

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4.22 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2004
10:03 PM EST
Comedy - Original