Knock Knock

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When a friend tells a friend one of those old corny knock knock jokes.
-Marc M.


chicks are for fags

That was very... unexpected. Very funny too, my mom walked in while I was watching it and said that was cute, and then I told her it was two guys... so she said oh, then nevermind. Well thats my story, I hope you liked it as much as I liked your flash, in a strictly non-homosexual way.

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This was great, you pwned all those squirming homophobic viewers.

I liked this a lot more than it's female counterpart "Pink Lemonade Valentine." It was more realistically homosexual (even if you perhaps intended it to be a spoof of queers).

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man that was grose

dude are u gay because this was relly wrong.

oh my god.

okay maybe you should tell someone that this is two guys goin at it before i actually watch it. i have nothing against homosexuality but i would rather not watch it to entertain myself because it doesn't entertain me as i am heterosexual.

Am I the only person who got this joke?

The review I read just before watching the movie says that this movie is gay. Now, here's a warning to everyone else: he was right. It is literally gay. In a funny way, though. I'm straight, but I get it. I watched the first half thinking, "This is kinda weird..." and spent the second half with my jaw on the ground and my eyes as open as possible. To have the balls to subject us to this is the joke here, people, not the tongue. Marc, you have insulted my intelligence in the worst way possible by submitting this movie to Newgrounds.

Fortunately for you, I'm one of those people who like you even more when you insult me!

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4.22 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2004
10:03 PM EST
Comedy - Original