Knock Knock

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When a friend tells a friend one of those old corny knock knock jokes.
-Marc M.


Er, what can I say?

I'm sorry but what were you thinking when you made this flash? There are lots of things you can do to improve this. Like - the sound effects, the voice effects, the graphics, etc. I wasn't expecting it to turn out like this .. thought it'd be going on and on about the jokes. Haha. Ah well, at least it amused some people.

OMG that was gay!

Well that was really gay....first time ive seen a gay flash. All i can say is what in gods name were u thinking when making this!!! God thats gunna give me nightmares for weeks. But it had its funny part at the end....my god.


that was pretty gay.....really, not as in it sucks the gay right out of liberachi's as gay but a cartoon about gay people. well anyway, it was allright animation kinda sucked but it had that one funny part, yea, the funny part.

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I didn't find that funny...

I don't know. Maybe I've not watched Will and Grace enough to 'get' this joke. Hell, half of the homosexual gags on Will and Grace seem nonsensical too. I like how people seem to be jumping all over you for posting something which is 'so fucking gay sucks die lol bbq' (a common insult to entries which people deem crap in their opinion). HELLO PEOPLE!!! It WAS gay. It was gay like a motherfuckin' rainbow! That was the point!
Animation was decent at best, and you really could have done with someone else to do one of the voices, rather than have the people sound exactly the same. The audio for the kissing was also the worst I've heard (not audibly, that was fine, but I mean it really did sound disgusting). Decent effort overall. If I had 'got' the joke I may have appreciated this more.

sick animation indeed...

YOU are a one sick SOB. this was NOT funny, and i could've lived my life w/o this gay shi*. i nearly projectile puked on my computer screen man. PLEASE dont submit anymore shit to ng. really. o, and i really hope this isnt a true story with u and your gay friend, but it sounds too good to be true to be a made up flash animation....UGH!!!

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4.22 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2004
10:03 PM EST
Comedy - Original