Cletus Brand Chocobos

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Ok.. This is Scott Ramsoomair's original creation "VG Cats" .. Im just the guy who liked it and animated it and such.. AND YES I DID ASK SCOTT FOR PERMISSION...

Red_Knight can burn in hell for all I care.. ENJOY THE FLASH <-- flamed for his abusive review


Pretty goodI think this wa

s pretty good. the sound was a tad bit off but easy to overlook. The big problem was the voice of aerith. She didnt speak load enough. I nearly had to put my ears into the speak er hear her. Everything else was great.

That was brilliant

That was a badass flash. I loved it.

That's all I really have to say.


Damn good!

I am a big fan of VGCats, so when I saw this. I just had to watch it. The sound was off a tiny bit at times it seemed, but other than that, I loved it. The art style stayed close to the comics, and I laughed still!


Decent. The animation was really nice. Like so many others, however, the sound sort of kills it for me. A better mic more than better charater would help alot.

It kind of made me chuckle that anytime the girl's script called for "sex" is when she sort of refused to scream.

Also, the comedic effect of the defective chocobo shot would better if it was shown after "release 'em out back" instead of a couple lines before. That or as she's saying the line.

Make more, and I'll watch em.

Try "The Word".


i have to admit your flash works have improved alot seence "not made of soft potions" but i sugest you get a better quality mic and get better voice actors hold aditions with your friends insted of just you and your sibbilings (your vioces dont realy fit those charters)

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4.05 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2004
8:02 PM EST
Comedy - Parody