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The out crowd goes to "Hippie Hippo's" Fun Center.

George finds a suprise in the ball pit,
Fizz gets video game frustration,
and Ale runs into a video game with a suprise... (it's not a sexy suprise may I remind you)

If you are not familiar with the out crowd, watch some of my other episodes.


Not bad.

I really liked the storyline to this, as well as the graphical and sound effects, they were great too! You talked too close to the microphone I think, it was a bit unclear and loud/soft at times, as in it would jump different volumes at times.
The scream was really loud, and I didnt even have my volume on that loud. The graphics just needed to be tidied up a bit.

You need to work on...

COnstructive yet friendly critism from someone who has never managed to make a successful animation.

Your storyline was good, and sound effects were great too! but you talked too close to the mic! that scream was litterally painful... not to mention at a low volume you could hear it in the next neighborhood.

The Graphics, man... if they were better you would have had front page!! I kid you not, you made a B on this like a 3.17, if you would have done those two things differantly we might be seeing you on the top of all times list with the great Legendary frog! :)


lol that was funny!
make another one!

Nice comedy

Homes, sweet. Improve that sound, and you'll be great. At first, animation sketchy, then i realized it was all your style! Keep it up!

I laughed a bit

The ball pit part was the funniest. However, the sound was TERRIBLE. I had to cover my ears several times to mute the horrendous screams the fat guy made

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3.34 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2004
10:52 PM EST
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