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World of Diablo part 6

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This was the last Diablo cartoon I did. I was working on a part 7 but I lost the cartoon about halfway in to it because of a PC crash. Back then, getting a replacement wasn't the easiest thing to do. I started calling it World of Diablo (Which by the way, beat World of Warcraft to the punch) when I wanted it to be less direct parody and more actual story with lunacy ramped up to eleven.

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What are the chances that he'll actually continue with the series? :(

Nostalgic.. :)

I remember seeing this as a kid.. =)
It's hilarious and awesome..=D


loved the bettle thing i hate thows things and when is the next comeing out never if so please tell me ive been waiting forever

haha nice work

haha indeed skeletons are dumb. the part with the iron golem was ironic (did i spell this word right?). But the most funniest part was the 'zon' leveling in rocky waste, it gave me a flashback of those annoying beetles that releases some charged bolts when you hit them.

so random so funny

it was so random that it actualy made me laugh. Nice work. You just need to improve on the animation and timing.