NG Time Trial III B

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Mr. Luis says:
"Another Time Trial Challenge with more newparticipants. For this challenge the participants had to work within a select number of colors.. entries could only use shades of black and white, and red could only be used as a solid color. As usual the deadline was set as 3 days, this is group B."



''You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!''

HE HE :d great stuff, im the saviour muaahahahahahahahaha! :P


great great great.


i think dark drako's music played during johnmazz's part? something like that, unless they used the same music. maybe that's the audio problem luis was talking about.

kamasutra, your part was short, simple, and cool. dark, yours was only blackoutlines with white, i liked that. livecorpse, another great sick flash. i enjoyed how everything had a sound when i clicked on it! mazz, your's was dramatic and very good. my favorite was rilstix. the music was awesome and the characters well done.

all in all a great movie, guys.

Group B is better...

Gotta love these time trials...is there a group C? It seems to me that Group B just out-classed Group A in terms of style and animation. The sounds was a lot better in B as well. I won't point out my favs but the Coliseum one was quite cool (but how did the guy with a spoon(?) win???)

Anyway, keep these coming.

Another well-done NG Time Trial

Well LiveCorpse, I have to say I wasn't too sure about you saying you were going to clean up your artwork, but it's apparent that you're true to your word. Your was one of the most trippy-ass flashes I've seen since..hell, I dunno, one of DrunkMagicKoopa's animutations; yours haveing it's own unique style of course. The collesium flash was awesome, though I was sad to see that awesome wizard lose; cool flash nontheless. Everyone else did an awesome unique job, the only one I had a little trouble understanding was the 8 bells one, but the visuals were nice. Good collaboration, it was spiffy.

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3.72 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2004
12:35 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 19, 2004