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sloppy larry productions presents: the first of a four part series regarding the fantastic fun show's reader reviews... after some of the great and awful press this series has received, we only felt it fitting to take the advice of our critiquers and answer some of your time old questions


pretty good.

This was even shorter then the other ones though,make thema little longer,10 seconds.Btw,you should get a preloader,even though the file size is so small.Some computers suck too.

mortimernova responds:

yes, this is definitely quite short because this orginally was supposed to be one long flashimation, combining all 4 parts together... after seeing the outrageously large file size, we broke it apart... i have no idea why my preloader isn't functioning...

kindA funnY

Well it's kinda LOL but can be improved by maikng much better grafix, it wud be better if you turned it into flash. I mean use flash grafix.

mortimernova responds:

then it would be no puppet show at all... it would be an animation... where's the fun in that?


That was really a bunch of confusing garbage *ggg*.
I like the idea of reacting to reviews. That's also the reason why I voted high in Interactivity ;-)

mortimernova responds:

maybe i should make one of these puppet shows a completely interactive virtual reality game... or maybe i should just go back to sleep... they both have a good argument...

best one yet

That was pretty damn funny. I like when your doing these review things. Definetly make more.

mortimernova responds:

there will be at least 2 more on newgrounds tomorrow... to see them today, go to depressingmusic.com

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4.08 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2004
10:09 AM EST
Comedy - Original