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A remake of the 80'game SENSO



That game is awsome! I dont care what any one else says. The only thing that is bad about it is when u get soooo far then click the wrong one.....

hehe, you know what

how can you hate a game like that, it was great

Good Game

It was good except I found the response time was too short, or maybe I'm just a slow dumbass.

Some will like, some will hate

*My 5 points*
-This entertaining for some people like me that loves little no-brainer games that only demands fast reflexes, but for some, it will just be some boring dirty old crap, they won't even realise this needs time to make, not as much as an action game, but still it takes time. I also want to note for the one who'll vote 0 for this, Could you do this?
-I've got to admit this looks hella cheap. Put colors to it, better shapes than boring squares, make it eye-friendly so te ons only looking for art movies and saying fuck to creativity will at least give it a 1 instead of a 0.
-Find sounds that gets good with each other, not some spinning/drilling sound with a drum, it souns more like a construction site than some percutions. And you know there are thousands and thosands of percution sounds on the internet, I kind of get repetitive with this mention, but damn it's true: It deceives me when I hear some crapy sound that somteimes kill the game/movie.
-You should put more challenge to it. Even if it's already a little hard to do it the first time(I won after 3 tries), knowing You're the greatest! kind of sucks because we see that it was too easy after all. Add more buttons or more sequences.
-You should improve this one by giving people choices. A good game always has a menu at the begining. You could make a "beginner, intermediate, pro, master, clikin' god" difficulty levels and make different play boards: one with techno sounds with funkee looks, one with kind of rap beats with 'streets' look, one other with the theme of chicks with moaning(peeps will love this one), kiddy style ect... you see there's lot to improve when you take it seriously.

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Ah that brings back memories

It's a good remake of that old simon says game. But, honestly, I didn't like it the first time.

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2.04 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2001
6:35 PM EDT
Skill - Other