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ok i used to love this game so i tried to recreate it. it only has one level. this is my first time working with action script so please be positive.lmao



So this was an ok game it could be better There are a few bugs in this game. I don't know how but my ball got stuck on a few places and the game was glichy so those are some small things you could work on and just give it more polish, but i think this game could also have a bigger view screen too.

I think this game would be better if you gave it mouse control, but i think this game could also have a bigger view screen too.


Not origonal

I dont like yhis game because it is not origonal u could of just played a game like this a thought "hmmmm maybe i'll make a game like this" but people wont like copys of games so go make a new game which is a game u thought of ur self and nomatter how crap it is u will get credit for it being ur own idea.

nice but..

its hard to see the blue ball in the black backround
please fix that and make just a little better but it was ok

pretty good

pretty good for a first time, but u know u can still download arkanoid onto ur computer and play it. just go to vimm.net, they let u download shit loads of classic NES games or super nintendo games

You're half way there.

Especially for a first-timer, this is okay. Next time, maybe you could increase the framerate and decrease the _x and _y steps of the ball, thus giving it a smoother movement. And of course, add some sound effects and a fitter soundtrack. Maybe even some bonuses and levels, but that's something for later.

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1.79 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2004
12:40 AM EST
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