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Hope is a good thing.

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This is a movie about hope. Probably my most visually pleasing movie. The song is Ice Dance, by Danny Elfman. I made this movie because a buddy of mine, The Desert Fox Boy, said I should. It's also my entry for that Newgrounds Time Trial II thing. I hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: My reply on Groardified's review, I miss-spelled "lose" and typed "use." What I meant in that review was "lose." Just FYI.

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It's very sweet, and inspiring.. (It may be the hormones talking) but it made me just start to cry.. I found it wonderful, brilliant even.


that was realy something special. realy. it was nicely drawn and animated, and you gave a true heartwarming message of hope. you did damn good. i agree with you. hope is a great thing. and i hope you make more flashes. i am going to send this to everyone i know. thanks for inspiering me to work even harder on flash. ^_^ you have a real talent. thank you again. ^_^


This is one hell of a movie the music and the history all was just working together perfectly!!! The music made think about hope again and i see i is a very good thing indeed!!!! the music was a good choice not just because of Danny Elfman who is a fabulous music writer but the song gave the movie a feeling of hope!!!
it reminded me of shawshank redemtion that Stephen King wrote the movie is great and it is based of a hope of getting out of that prison! The girl in the movie hoped that she could get to see that snowflake again sometime!!!

Memorable message.

At first I was going to write that I felt this flash didn't achieve as much as it could've. However, I retract that statement because I'm not going to base my opinion around graphic design alone. The message this flash video conveys is actually a very positive one. Although I consider hope a controversial topic, I agree that hope is one of the best of things. Using the Shawshank Redemption as a source only adds to the novelty of this flash. Well done.