Super Mario Bloopers

February 15, 2004 –
December 19, 2008
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Author Comments

I couldn't find the background in the castle level so I just made one. Enjoy!


super funny man =D[marios bald lol]

lolz i love take 12 ROTFL lolz


KIND OF FUNNY???? That wus da funniest ting in da world!!!!!!!

ps: somethin's missin

that was kind of funny lol

Somthing is missing

GREAT BUT Something missing...

it doesn't matter if its like the rest, it was funny and deserves a good grade


I got bored and started looking for mario videos, this one made me Lol once!!! this gets a 3 out of 10

Good effort, but I didn't like it.

It was okay. Better than anything I could do, but after seeing some of the best blooper movies on here, this just isn't quite at me level of expectations. Sorry.

=) that was funny

sweet it was cool

Freakin' Hilarious. This really takes me back to when comedy was much more simple, just like the video games of the 1980's.

this funny Brusier like funy video

Sorry. No good

We need more of this stuff.

a funny fart gives a funny 10 because it was funny farty! XD

lol when mario farts im giving an 10

funny as hell, the fart was just great, keep it up


I started to cry when he farted cuz' it was funny!!!

THE PART WHERE MARIO FARTS IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those bloopers were awsome,please make a second part,I loved it and I watched it twice a row

The toilet plunging scene was great!

That was awsome!

As funny as the other mario bloopers I've seen in the past, keep up the good work! Overall 10!


but the bowser leveled it to a 9.........it just dident look right

Some funny shit xD

Finally something better again. This deserves 7 stars

That's great! Respect! 10 / 10

This is the funniest thing ever

This is hilarious.

I like the part thats called fat ass Mario. It was funny. I'm so fat and ugly hah

it was another good flash, however i would like to see a bit more violence. But it was still cool!

brrrrrrrrrrrb that fart was fuuny

fatass mario? xD lol good job

On take 26, he dropped his hat.

WHole big bunches of funny.

It was funny, and I like how you took over the fact that Mario is a Plumber.

Mario is so fat


THIS IS SOOOOOO FUNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good, funny but short

I give it 8 because you clearly can't be stuffed to actually look properly for a castle background. The Spriters Resource? Shyguy Kingdom? Apart from that, great!

I just give u 9 stars cause the music wasnt really good but i liked the fart scene i just roled on the floor laughing ... really

When he farts, is he laughing or crying?

'Nuff said


thank god it is funny i reALLY LIKE the fat and ugly part

Pretty funny stuff. Keep it up. ^_^


I like the "you forgot kill Bowser" one XD

but not your best

i love when he goes down the pipe and comes out with crap on him

the first scene was the best

man i dont find this funny at all... no offence

All i have to say is cool a pretty good flash

That was kickass funny!

all i can say is ...wow.

Could not Have Done Better

ROTFLMAO!!!good work

I'm so fat and ugly.
lol, great flash man

first onbe was funny!!!

its very funny

"Son of a bitch!"
LOLLLLLLLLLLLL%u2663%u263B§%u263B%u26 65

the background of the castle was pretty good.

You seem to have a talent for messing with Mario. Wonder how much they had to spend on 1-ups.

I think I almost died laughing on the last part of the last one. The rest was pretty good too.

Very Very funny! LooL!

great job!

Not many flash parodies have every single clip funny, but you did it! Only that it was so short and the castle background was bad were the reasons I gave it a 9.

This is a departure from the norm, but still greatness nonetheless...

Not as good as some of the other bloopers I've seen, but pretty good nonetheless.

Who would have known? that mario ever would get that fat?


Not as funny as the Mishaps Series


1 of the best especialy the part where he says " I'm so fat and ugly" lol

Man this is really. funny i like the scene of "life of a plumber" but 1 question about the fart, is mario laughing abut it or hurting?

THIS IS FREAKING FUNNY!!!!1one (i love actually typing "one")

MARIO IS BALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO


The whole scene with the toilet and Bowser getting Mario and Peach is priceless. I wish the rest had been a little fuller, but still, good overall.

Put those 3 together. Watch this and then try to bust a brain stem to find the humor in all this. You know it, hilarious. What really suck balls is not liking it. So great work.

hey that was really funny movie, mostly the start of it, you should make more movies

that was soooooooooooooooooooooooo damn funny
i've been laughing my ass off
espacially the last scene when he's so fat !

You did a good job, next time, though, make it longer. (If ya make another one)

i'm still laughing please god make it stop my lungs hurt

that was funny nice work and good job on the background may be hand made but still made me think mario was in an actually castle.

i kinda felt bad for mario when he was fat but it was good

but it only made me chuckle.

I like it a much. I like especially those last ones after the castle sequence. And that Fata** Mario was making me laugh alot.

You are about the FUNNIEST person EVER!! I liked when Mario farted when walking! LOL ^.^

I liked every thing in it !

really really cool stuff! the other parts are cool too!

man, that's so funny so I can't even breath!

DUDE! this at least the 2nd most funniest movie I have ever fricken seen in my whole fricken life!!!!! This is WAY funnier than almost all the movies on my list. The crap stuff is probably the funniest thing on here!!! WOOT!!!!

It was a decent film and I love your other films,keep them coming.

It Sucked Ball$.

Without the fart, this would just be like the horrid other movies. It's not as good as the other two Mario Mishaps.

Mario lost his hat and uncovered the secret that he is bald.
Also, in the "act #" screens, you jump ahead a lot.

I saw better ones than this! And couldn't you find some way to find a good background for the castle? I know a good website where you can get good backgrounds, or maybe you already heard of it. Or can you draw you own scenes or something like that cause i never made my own flash movie before):|. And plus like every other move that i watch, i also clocked yours too, it was-1:17. Make it longe next time. But still i like it i guess.

this person cannot draw, its not long enough either.

I mean it was okay, but not great. Sound-pretty crappy, 'cept for the bit "Son of a Bi***".

that was funny, but to short.... still good though!^_^

funny movie it would be better to see mario get killed more

i had to watch this 5 times because i couldent see it all because i was too bizy laughing. thanks for the scene seletor.*i love marios secret*

Had me laughing the whole time, I love the "Life of a plumber part" the best. Poor, poor, mario!

I just wish you'd make more of these


It was too short, but it was funny... the plumber jokes never get old... nothing more to say about this movie except that it seems slightly overrated...

Expect 3s.

....nuff' said

This is much better. I like the originality. Keep it that way.

That could quite possibly be the funiest mario movie ive ever seen!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ON MAKEING MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! MOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it wasnt new, it needed to be newer, funny and longer. good try.

You had me on the "Fatass Mario" blooper. I seriously broke like four ribs laughing. Perfectly done. I enjoyed your other sprite-based movies that I've seen so far.

I've seen better stuff. ALOT better stuff.

Yeah i'd like to see him get off his ass and make a flash. This was gold!

was a douche bag, this movie's awesome!

Mario Mishaps DX is more better than that cow's shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO BETTER!!!!!!!

lololol that was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i knew it, i knew it! mario is bold! :D i always asked myself why he nevel plumbers in his games!

i thought it was kinda funny
the best part was the fatass mario scene
needs some work done on the audio

So funny....Cannot breathe....XD

Ah well. You have to start somewhere!

i love these films. yo!

If you have played Super Mario 64 or if more recent SM DS it shows he has a full set of hair if you let Ukii take your hat or if the Giant snowman blows it off or if Kelpto takes it.

Tht was a great Blooper slideshow... especially liked the jumping over the gap part...

that was damn funny. i liked it when he was fat and ugly lmao!

holy shit this is so funny i mean god it would be funny if sonic was in it

my favorite part was when mario tried to jump over the pit. but the wet floor, his bad timing, and the fart had to keep him from doing that, hahaha! LOLROFLMAO! but why weren't you able to find a pipe sprite? but what the hell? you did a great job!

THIS IS SO FUNNY I ALMOST WET MY SHITTY PANTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg that part in the beginnig is so random..some1 calls him on his cell and he goes to plumb for the person but then forgets about peach which caused him 2 say....SON OF A BITCH! that is great man..honest to god man u should go into the movie buisness.....if u do tak this advice mak sure the movie is one huge blooper.

you made me laugh LOL!!!
and the 1 for inter. beacose of the choose your scene part!!!

Wasn't completely expecting the fart scene there...lol. Made me laugh a whole lot.

JUST TOO FUNNY!! This Flash contains REAL Bloopers!! LOVE IT ^__^/

This was so funny! I honestly didn't know Mario was bald like Homer Simpson! This is one great video and should be put on DVD and mass-produced!

Funny mario skits never fail to make me laugh!
The part where he has to go through 100+ takes and still does not get it right; that was hilarious!!!!!!
And where he unclogs the toilet and comes back to get his head bit off! Very smooth style and great quality!

That was freakin' hilarious. I loved when Mario was covered in shit and when he was too fat to go down the pipe. Simply awesome. I hope to see more of this, maybe with SNES Mario games, or with Zelda. Great job on the flash.

this is crunk fo shizzle. man this flash is so like my life, i mean my dad is bald too. also make more, but make them longer

good job make more

It wasn't as funny as other Mario Parodies I've seen but it was good...


It is truely one of you best movies!

LOL!!!! *dies of laughter* to funny

Funny!! Absolutley Hilarious!!!!

i especially like the fatass mario. lmao

Ooooh...I like!
Another good one, i'm hooked!
Yes....i'm watching all the Mario bloopers and the like in a row...
Keep it up! More high marks for you!
...And yes...i'm aware i'm generous...but so?!
I like to be nice...to those who deserve it...:P
And believe me...you deserve it ^^
Good job, and keep 'em comin!

you sir are the very best at making mario spoofs, this was off the charts! You better keep making more!

That shit was funny "You sonofabitch" lol great job

tis funny as hell,great job ^_^


THAT Was soooo funny make another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a great movie!!!! I laughed so hard!!

Yup, awesome :)


my favorite part is where mario is fixing the toilet and he says "son of a b!tch!" that was hilarious...... :D

Mario Sprites are some of the best movies out there!

keep up the good work!

I didn't think it was the best thing ever, but it did have it's good points to it.

The Best MArio Parody ever created on the face of this earth.
Did you know that the roman name for Earth is "uranus"


You should make one where Mario and Luigi have to fight a boss from Sonic Advance because all that Mario & Luigi have are frickin water guns and vacums. Sonic Advance bosses have bombs, cannons, giant hammers, spinning blades with guns inside, and stuff like that. Maybe Nintendo will learn to give them better weapons.

but hey this guy likes the mario games (i think) hes not abusing him at all. hes just making a parody. sheesh

I dont think thats funny at all! How can you make Mario look bad after all his hard work, you should be ashamed to yourself! So what if Mario was a plumber from brooklyn New york, you need to stop making stupid bloopers and start making new improvements for him! Try making Sonic bloopers instead,his blue ass deserves it, not the legendary Mario!

that was great man, i think you had no problem setting up the second slip off the edge, and u did a good job setting it up by making the first two short, then waiting a lil bit ( but not too much, or else they would have forgot about the slip) and making him slip again!!! the classic nokia ring was also a good touch.

all in all, the only two things i would have changed would be that id make it longer, and i would have shit paper stuck on his shoe.

i give it 4 shways!!!!

this animation really made ma laugh a lot, it was really funny, the part which mario had to jump that gap was just awesome, please make more.

I have to admit, you got me clapping and laughing during the "clearing the gap" takes!

I'm impressed with your talent of modding 8-bit sprites, this is especially seen in the last scene with Fat Mario. However, the backgrounds of the bathroom and the dungeon you created kinda seems outta place with the rest of the piece.

Anyway, this flash definitely made me chuckle!

Lol, the outtakes of Mario trying to clear the hole.. Now that's funny for some reason.. Watching Mario slip and fall in the hole for some reason is entertaining. Mario going into the pipes and coming out with shit on him, funny stuff.. Good work man, Hope to see more.

that was really funny, especially when mario farted and then that laugh.

Oh man! You had me laughing for a long time! Fatass Mario, that was gold! Please do more!

Dude that was classic. A story for the ages

That was almost as good as your Mario Mishaps one, but the sounds in mishaps were better. Still, this fuckin' kicked major Mario ass. Great work... again! ^_^

once agin u split my sides

i was laughing for 10 minu8tes straight!!! the part where he had to plumb someone's toilet and said SON OF A BITCH!!!!! was my favorite. i also loved the part where he farted and when he forgot to kill Bowser. you make the best Mario parodies i've seen in a while!

Dude every second here is funny so ill just write awesome and hillarious again!
I think the funiest was when mario as a fatass cried..

this was crunk i loved it and enjoyed it

Funny but not too great.

it was funny expecially when he was fat lol that was priceless good job

That was soooooo goood! could I also ask u to help me with my movie? My favorite is the parts where he is jumping over the gap!!


LOL!!!! ... still laughing cant talk .. HAHAHA!!! omg hold on HAHAHA!!! one more ... im ok ... that was awsome!! HAHAHA!!

I loved the beginning when he gets a house call that was the greatest keep up the good work.

Thats so funny, called to plumb a toilet and going down into the sewer instead of an underground passageway.

This was so fucking funny i'm still laughing like a mad man this is the best make one for zedal

Can't you make it more funny? lol joke, one of the funniest things i have seen

Funny shit man classic!

Dont really know what to say. I wasnt all that good. Just a bunch of old worn out jokes put to mario games, with sprites right off of mario bros... Cant say too much about this one

In my opinion, your "Super Mario Mishaps" was a bit funnier than this one, however it was a great movie indeed. :D

Keep up the terrific mario spoofs!

4/5 *'s

Yeah, it was pretty funny. The plumbing part was funny though. Because in all of Mario's plumbing days you've never actually seen him...plumb? It was good, but too short.

yo dude it's me again i've reviewwed nearly all of your creations and this is the best soo fucking far man fucking sweet i love u u always have suck taste wen making cartoon sweet keep them comming please plase please keep them comming :):):):):P:P:P:P:P:P:P=)=)=)

Rofl funny as hell ^_^

No one can touch you.

Enough said.

was great like all of your movies, especially the mario movies, you totaly rock dude

''what, right now? i'll be right over.''
''son of a bitch!!!!!''

THAT WAS FUCKING HILLARIOUS MAN!!! where did the vioces/crying come from though?

It was funny when mario's hat came off,but mario really has a lot of hair,and how did he get fat?

Keep it up m8

i like the fart one the best


Just like the NES


A good choice of bloopers.


Juts like the NES with a bit of a twist.


Princess dying aint really alot of violence. But it is Mario






You deserve it!!!!!!!!!

Only in veryfew cases do sequels work well/ EXCELLENT!

Reggie Genocide

hahahahaha! this one is better than the super mario mishaps. good job. make more

more gold dude this was awesome

lmao this is soo freakin' jokes! Fat-ass Mario cracks me up!!! Reminds me of Shayne :P


p.s. sorry if i said to little ;)

umm why y mario so fat, I thought he went on Slim Fast

please dont steal sounds from stick death thats what makes him orginal ok dont gank his shit i abhold this becouse i am a stick movie lover lol Rob Lois!! ownz stick death

Good bloopers here. The jumping bloopers remind me of when I forget to press the jump button, heh.

three thumbs up keep 'em comin

I laughed so hard I cried man!

That was too dam funny

This is the funniest blooper movie I've seen, I don't see why it's not on the front page!

It was kinda funny adding in that mario forgot to kill bowser.

Maybe he should get a stunt double, to jump over gaps and stuff for him, and then he wouldnt have to get fat from stress.

I never knew how hard mario...... had to work.. to make the video.... game....perfect...So many outakes this shiz nitz! will crack you up

lol that was so great, made me laugh so hard

i couldnt breathe lol

mario is just too funny, especially the life of a plumbmer part and when he yelled "SON OF A BICTH!" and when he forgot to kill bowser... damn thats got to hurt!! excellent work.

You made a nice job on this !! Very Funny !!

Fatass Mario was my favorite!

Your movies really suck ass man, flash is not your thing! Stop kicken a dead horse man and move on, u suck at flash... Ok now this movie, wasnt great. And really wasnt THAT funny! Mario farting was cool, thats about it. and that he was fat. All in all 5/10, mostly cause its mario

I wonder what that line "sonofab****!!!!!!" came from? Frasier perhaps? I liked it when mario failed to jump over that pit, slipped and lost his hat!! The REAL funny part was when mario FARTED!!!

That was one funny movie...made me laugh and keep laughing AHHAHAHAH YOU FORGOT TO KILL BOWSER!

Lol,Mario being fat.lol.yup u got it man.Keep up good work.

haha that rocked! where mario was trying to juimp over the gap is freaking hilarious. Take no notice over sticksandstones, he's an ass. I marked his comment as abusive and i think a few others did too.

That was actually a great flash! keep it up! Unfortunatly, Sticksandstones apparently hated you so much that he copied his post to your other flash (the one with no name) and pasted it here just to make sure we heard his big mouth. Seriously, what is the deal with these guys? they dont even watch the movie, they just say its bad, give you a bad score, insult you, and tell you to kill yourself! what is up with that? this was actually good! anyways, if you make them like this and actually try hard as opposed to your newest submission, you can do good.

that was the best part, im not calling you a soab if your wondering. that was the funniest part and the others were just okay.

this is good and funny

What can I say, it was good. Oh, and Sticksandstones, guess what? You're yet to have a single flash on here, and we all can clearly say you have no life, judging by about How far you wrote your insults. Also, consider anger management.

god that was fucking funny.

"son of a bitch!"
Mario Forever.

I laughed my ass off when Mario all of a sudden says 'Son of a bitch!' This one's definetely worth a peek.

so here i am, eating a burger and french fries. al of the sudden mario says SON OF A BITCH. i was laughing, nice work. keep it up.

i started laughing so hard when i first watched it, mario went son of a b**ch!!, it was so random, the whole movie was funy.

That was great movie but when went on the cell phone you should have put "Can you hear me Now"
and the "Good" that would have been really funny.

That was great, i love it when mario gets a phone call then the next scene is ha well i wont give it away to others but its great...


lmao keep making them

Keep the stuff coming

This is how you should make flash vids. I love the sounds too. The Mario Theme, a true classic.

My favourite part was the first time he tries to jump the hole, i didn't see it coming at all and was laughing my ass off.

i thought it was nice...i like the whole idea..and ill send it to a few of my friends..needs a bit more morbid humor..but i like nice job

It's alright for a short time, but not funny enoguh to warrant repeated watching. Nice idea though.

That was very well done. It took real aspects of the life a celebrity and put into an old game to make one great flash. Congrads.

so funny can't wait when your gonna make a second one.onley on thingy i think you have to be a little more creative a fat guy getting stuck is so old

Nice work..and good ideas.

the fat movie gace this movie credit not to bad i hope to see more of ya work o yeh leave out the toilet jokes there a little old

you could do some others i wood love to see them i thank they wood do well i wont chang any of it good luck in the futer

i didnt know mario had it so rough...oh well it made me laugh...great job!! son of a bitch!

That was great the whole fatass mario and the whole "Son of a Bitch" line...haha.

I really enjoyed this and just because i am a Mario fan

Graphics - although not perfect hand drawings etc I dont think they should be and believe that the graphics used are fine I espcially like the fat mario its done really really well(dont look cheap like on most flash where they try to edit mario)

Sound - Not a lot to the sound I suppose but its fine clear noises and what little sounds are made(not a critisim just an observation) are made very clearly

Style - Brilliant the speed of the flash is excellent the structure of the flash is very well done its easy to understand whats going on and each scene is distinguisable from any other scene
Animation is very well done

Humour - As i said at the top I really enjoyed watching it :)

Overall i cant w8 for more :)

Awful, awful awful. Not funny at all.

This Film is the funniest thing I've seen. Especially the jumping the Gap parts.
This Flash is Good, Well done.

Yes, Mario is a plumber. I've seen all this before like a bazillion times on Newgrounds. Wow, he farted, wow he has to deal with toilets, wow he went into a sewer pipe and is now covered in crap. This was the best version of a movie I've seen about 10,000 times since sprite movies first became popular so there's some credit in that.

Just be angry that soooo many others beat you to your joke first.

love 1iv3

THAT WAS WAAAAYYYY BETTER THAN THE SECOND 1 DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

lmfao man thats the best mario movie ever i just keep on watching it over and over again!!!!!! make another no wait make more thousands more!!!! i love this movie!!!!!!!!!

this is probably going to be one of my three favourite mario parodies, great job !!!! :)

Yeah this got a kick out of me. It was pretty nostalgic too. Been awhile since i play those games....maybe I'll go do that.

P.S.The guy that reviewed before me is a self promoting asshat and should totally be banned. Wait....does that make me a snitch?


hehe i had a good laugh. not bad at all

very creative. I like it. I dunno, it's a good flash, but it's missing something. I can't quite articulate what it is missing though. To be a great flash, it just has to have something more. But nonetheless it was good and creative. Good joob and keep trying!

Friggin funny i laughed throughout the whole movie make more plz!
Good animation makes this a good sprite movie, probably the best. (I could be mistaking now...)
The best was the fart.

Ha ha, I loved the part with Bowser. Good stuff over all, keep improving and it'll get even better.

You Should Just Do Mario Scuffing Up Cos That Was So Funny! Ha He Falls Down The Pavement!

good movie, the jump scene was class, keep it up.

Not bad at all, but I noticed the sounds were taken from a famous series of flash animations, who stole the sounds off something else. Other than that a worthy movie.

Funny-ass stuff. Way to prove that you don't need flashy visuals to make a great flash movie; keep up the great work.

I love the flash. (fat Mario was my favorite) And I love stickdeath, good choice for your voice tracks.

mario is not bald my friend have you ever play mario n64 in the desert stage a bird steals ur hat and proves tha tmario as a full head of hair(fyi i no nobodi care :) but meh)

OK i dont know about everyone else but nothing beats fart jokes, cussing, and feces.... + mario you gotta yourself one a spicey meatsaball! (WHO DOESNT LOVE ITALIANS?? HUH? HUH?)

Find some better humor than toilet jokes, blood and guts, and cussing. It was rather retarded.

Sweetwork ,man!

True proof that great graphics aren't a prerequisite of great humor. Salud!

i laughed i cried i shat my pants well excapt for the laughing and crying part it was gooooooooooooooood

Freaking funny... nice scene selection in the end..

I liked it, its a good video, and it was pretty funny. But it lacked variety in characters, and you only used Peach and Bowser once; they could of been used a lot. The voices were the only REAL problem, recording your own voice for the scenes would have been better, or just not done any voices for them. Hmmm...the castle background you said you made, if you looked hard enough, or download a rom and emu, you could of gotten it. Thats about it, good job. *thumbs up*

Loved the "u forgot" roll.

the mario sprite was a little...."red"..

and i didnt quite get the slipping over bit..

but the rest was allllllllllll goooood!...

wow, that was funny man... mario was actually doing some plumbing...

i thought the animation rocked also it was a good job on the mario character and backround it was exactly like the game

Especially when Bowser ate mario's head and BBQ:d his bitch, it was hilarious. All my 5 r belong to you

Mario sucks. This shit was funny as hell kill him more. Make him die.

But I didn't laugh at the scene wherebowser killed mario and peach because it was too cruel

You must really like toilet humor... Sick bastard!

Thos bloopers were funny, and you added great sound effects when needed. Especially after the fart one. keep up the good work. make more mario bloopers!

that was awesome! i like the fat mario scene the best

^^ Hilarious flash here. Umm, question, are you the animator of Stick Death? Cuz I'm a fan and I'm finding a LOT of similar sound effects used (sonuvabitch, the cry, the laugh). But then again you could've gotten them from the site or another. Kay, juuuust checking ^^ Neat job.

Quite humorus

Most "bloopers" animations on NG are simply not funny. Not the case here! You obviously put a bit of thought into these skits. Great job!

excellent movie! maybe not the most original, but very well executed. you rock.

That was hilarious! Great job on the bloopers. As Matrix already stated before, they were very similar to the bloopers in our past movies. Keep up the good work!

ROTFL! Nice job Bryan. Say, where can I get that "Son of a bitch" wav file? Keep up the good work!

Sweet! A sprite film that breaks the chain of all those shit ones I'm always seeing.
The only thing I didn't like was that some of it wasn't in sprite and that kind of stood out.
Still, kudos...
I hope I see more of these from you.

all i can say is that u should make more of these they r fukin hillarious

That was so f***ing funny i almost crapped my pants

This was a good vid. I kinda think it was funny enough for a sequal O.o

LOL really funny. make more bloopers, like Zelda or um... sonic

That was great! My roomies and I watched it about 20 times last night. The fart was the best part.

i liked it when Mario couldent jump over the ledge make more its funny.

Well, I loved this. Very funny, quick and painless. The animation needs some work, but other than that it was solid. I would work on having better looking text and more use of sounds toward the beginning. At the end, when you can pick which scene, try and have it so you can get back to the menu, and not have to watch the movie again.


That was to funny!!

That was great. It had a lot of humor involved. Keep up the good work.
PS. Don't bring the Nokia ring tone into your movie!

Personally I think this movie is a Zero, but I can undestand how some (stupid) people would like it, so I gave it a 5. Yuck. I hate the way the characters look... The style just isnt something I enjoyed.

The sprites could be better but the way you edited them(the mobile ect) was impressive. great comedy moments. and the take 1 idea was amazing. well done. HURRY UP AND MAKE A SQEUAL

I waen't expecting much when i saw the sprites but when mario got his head bit off i nearly shat myself. Good job and i'd definetly like to see a sequel.

Amusing bloopers. I liked the first blooper where the cell phone rang and he had to go fix a toilet. The flushing sound effects went well with the theme of how Mario was a plumber, but at the same time trying to do other things like rescuing the princess. The scene select at the end was a nice addition to it. Good job!

It had it moments, but hey, I was amused. That's what counts in the end I guess :p
Good work ;)

the movie is very veeeeeeery boring actually
whitout the sounds
just mute your sound and watch it so boring...
but you picked the right sounds for the right scene at the right moment
so it all good :)

damn that was some good shit man. keep doin that and u will go far.

That was so good :) Nice sound effects!

omfg that was so F.U.B.A.R. but i loved it and F.U.B.A.R. means fucked up beyond all recognition but in my eyes its a compliment!

cant stop laughing.......noo!!!! make it stop!
aaaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! please make it stop, ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

That was absolutely hilarious in every aspect of old skool games. I have no idea what I just said but i'm sure you get the point! keep up the good work.

You lose a few points for originality. I've seen a few of these ideas elsewhere. But everything was done well and it WAS damn funny!! Nice job.

They're always so funny, because I see all these characters from my childhood acting so strangely... but this one in particular was hilarious. From the slipping and sliding to the fat Mario-- all hilarious.

I liked this one but it could have been a little better and if you had more time,you probably could have added music to this movie. I thought your mario vs luigi was MUCH better but keep up the good work man.

that was awesome good work i havent laughed much all day

This needs too get a 20 for humor,this is the perfect movie to make fun of mario.

(referring to firestormkirby) That was totaly unessecarry ya stupid ass I dont see any movies made by your pathetic self.

Other than that

Great job with the sprites man!

Hey, could you tell me how to do this? i've always wanted to try it.

The movie was great man! The fatass mario was easily the best skit. No wonder you saved it for last! good job!

This weas a very funnyt flkassh i enojoyed it greaytlky
i like the part where marios hat came off and he wss bald. that figures since he has been areound foever.

I especially liked the bathroom humor and stuff (Clogged toilet, Bathroom delays, the fart).

The bathroom thing on take 12 reminds me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon (Blooper Bunny) when Daffy uses the bathroom.

The pipe full of crap scene...not very original, however.

Very funny nice work

Thats some pretty funny shit but u got most of your sound effects from stick death well that was pretty damned funny PeAcE

Great Movie, Man!!!
I laughed so hard when he said,
"Son of a Bitch"!!!
Classic Stuff!! All 10's for you! :-)

ha that was pretty funny...good idea for a movie

This was a brilliant movie. You should make more.

Hell Yeah!

Great. :)

Hey man great work this is VERY similiar to the 2 movies i have on ng keep up the great work we should maybe affiliate great job again!


But, it was actually pretty damn funny. Mario pumping shit out of the toilet was classic.

that was f***ing funny

that was so funny keep it up

I love it! Do more for different games please, and dont stop being great.

that was freakin' hilarious. good job.

Man that was funny, i want to see more.

yeah... that's the kinda stuff that we all think about, but no one's ever make it into a reality. good job, u made it a reality.

Toilet Humor

Its been done before but all your skits are origonal. i love the music, a classic way to go. the sound bit were great, though i have heard them b4 (go StickDeath.com!) but a great job, i forsee greatness for this flash, and for u too!

it wasn't funny. nor was it original.

i love the one were hes to fat to get in. anyway good work lol :)

Man that was FUNNY! Please do mre, it was GREAT!

P.S. This movie got me to level six!


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