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NG TimeTrial II group C

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Author Comments

"The 2nd challenge in the NG Time Trial Challenge series. As usual the series is all about tight deadlines and mixing different talents. The challenge for this episode was to create a story out of the opening statement below.
"you wake up from bed".
This is group C's solution.
Stay tuned for the next NG TT!


And now for my coments:

If you want to be in NG TT III you should check out the Flash forums tomorrow.


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Wow, I did not care for this. It was probably because I'm not familiar with any of these artists. That's bad, because I always want to welcome new artists. Wallpaperman probably had the worst cartoon. It looks like the score agrees with me. Hey, your names don't match your credits!

Hatterclock probably had the best. It was just the most creative. I appreciate the different lines. It's just too forgettable. I'm sure you guys are talented in some way.


That Sucked Ass


Aenlma movie had poor graphics and it was short and weird;
Hatterclock movie had pretty nice grpahics i liekd the background much, but the wholed movie had no plot or maybe i didnt understnd it;
Dark_Drako movie had....well...the graphics could have been better and sound was pretty good, but the wholed movie sucked, couse it had no plot and was short, and yea u should blame urself ;];
Wallpaperman movie had poor graphics and sound sucked the whole movie did that too.
Well this gruop was poor....i mean all were not rly good, but i guess the best was Hatterclock couse it had best graphics

Ha ha!

First one, FUTURAMA!!
Second one, a bit hard to understand...
Third, Too short, but me likes the sparkleys!
And Forth... Urrr... ok...
I GOT AN A TOO!!! Yayness!




I know you didnt have much time but that really really sucked